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List Description
1919-Conference 1919 conference organizing committee
ACH-CAH Lista de correo electrónico de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas/ Mailing list of the Canadian Association of Hispanists/ Liste de distribution de l'Association canadienne des hispanistes
ADR-RLO Associate Deans (Research) and Research Liaison Officers
Agriculture-ffdc [no description available]
Agriculture-ffdcnews [no description available]
agriculture-hns-gradstudents Agriculture: Human Nutritional Sciences: Grad Students
Ahs-academics Applied Health Sciences Faculty Advisors
AHS-Advisors Applied Health Sciences Faculty Advisors
Ahs-gradstudents Applied Health Sciences graduate students
AIESEC-SN AIESEC Exchange Students
Aims-mailing-list student group - AIMS
ALGONQUIAN-L Linguistics Algonquian linguistics
All-students-tuition-fees [no description available]
Amnesty-international-core A. I. UofM Members
ANCILLARY-SERVICES [no description available]
antem-list International Symposium on Antennas and Electromagnetics
App-comp-math-seminar Announcements for the applied and computational mathematics seminar
apple-list Apple Macintosh SIG list
Ask-finance-for-researchers Ask questions and receive updates regarding the financial administration of research funds
Aurora-Finance-users Aurora Finance Client Email List
Awasis-contacts-students [no description available]
Bannatyne-IT-support [no description available]
bioinformatics-biostatistics-journal-club Contact list for the bioinformatics and biostatistics journal club
Biostats-brainstorming Notifications of Biostats Brainstorming Sessions
Bison-media Manitoba Bison media contacts
BME-Adjunct Adjunct members of the BME Graduate Program
BME-Affiliate Affiliate members of the BME Graduate Program
BME-Core Core members of the BME Graduate Program
BME-Members Biomedical Engineering Members
Canadam2023 [no description available]
Card-Coordinators UofM Card Coordinators
centre-research Centre Research
Ceos-adjunct This list includes all CEOS adjuncts that are out of province
Ceos-all This list includes all CEOS staff & students except Adjuncts
CEOS-Faculty CEOS faculty members mailing list
Ceos-postdocs This list includes all CEOS postdocs
Ceos-ra This list includes all CEOS RAs
Ceos-staff This list includes all CEOS support staff
CEOS-Students CEOS Student Email List
chemical-weapons-convention-reporting Chemical Weapons Convention Reporting
CHLAABSC-2021 Planning committee for the 2021 CHLA/ABSC conference in Winnipeg
CHRR-initiative Subscription and Information e-mail for Centre for Human Rights Research
CHS-Council CHS Student Council members
CHS-Students Community Health Sciences Students
Comb-sem Combinatorics seminar
Community-contacts Community Contacts - NSWP
CoRS-Academics Medical Rehabilitation: Academics
CoRS-All CoRS: All Faculty and Staff
CoRS-All-Students CoRS: All Students
CoRS-msc CoRS: msc students
CoRS-OT CoRS: OT Staff
cors-ot-2022 CoRS: OT Class Of 2022
CORS-OT-2023 CoRS: OT Class Of 2023
CoRS-OT-2024 CoRS: OT Class Of 2024
CoRS-OT-Continuing CoRS-ot-continuing Students
CoRS-PT CoRS: PT Staff
cors-pt-2022 CoRS: PT Class of 2022
Cors-pt-2023 CoRS: PT Class of 2023
CoRS-PT-2024 CoRS: PT Class of 2024
CoRS-Researchers CoRS: All Researchers
CoRS-RT CoRS: RT Staff
CoRS-RT-2022 CoRS: RT Class of 2022
CoRS-RT-2023 CoRS: RT Class of 2023
CORS-RT-2024 RT Class of 2024 email list
CORS-RT-2025 RT Class of 2025 email list
CoRS-SUPSTAFF CoRS: Support Staff
Cross-Cultural-Group [no description available]
csc-all-members Chemical Safety Committee Members
D2L-Outages D2L Outages
D2L-team [no description available]
Dafoe-public-service Elizabeth Dafoe Public Service Staff
data-science-platform-analytics-training Analytics Training from Data Science Platform at CHI
dental-alumni-hygiene2019 [no description available]
Dental-alumni-hygiene2021 Dental Hygiene Alumni 2021
dental-alumni2014 Dental Alumni 2014
dental-alumni2015 Dental Alumni 2015
dental-alumni2016 Dental Alumni 2016
dental-alumni2017 Dental Alumni 2017
dental-alumni2018 Dental Alumni 2018
dental-alumni2019 [no description available]
Dental-alumni2021 Dentistry Alumni 2021
Dental-alumni2022 Dentistry Alumni 2022
Dental-coursecoordinators Dentistry Orthodontic Alumni
Dental-ddss-alumni-dentalinternship Dentistry Orthodontic Alumni
DENTAL-OB-ACADEMICS All academics in Oral Biology
DENTAL-OB-ALL All users in Oral Biology
Dental-ob-gradstudents [no description available]
Dental-oralbiology-alumni Dentistry Orthodontic Alumni
Dental-ortho-gradstudents Graduate Students
Dental-OrthodonticAlumni Dentistry Orthodontic Alumni
DENTAL-PDS-FT-ACADEMICS Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Full-time Academics
DENTAL-PDS-PT-ACADEMICS Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Part-time Academics
DENTAL-PDS-SUPSTAFF All support staff in PDS
Dental-PediatricdentistryAlumni Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Alumni
Dental-pedo-gradstudents Graduate Students
DENTAL-RD-ALL Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry: All
DENTAL-RD-SUPSTAFF Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry: Support Staff
Dentistry-academics-all Acad staff of College of Dentistry incl f.t., p.t., and nils
Dermpath-l Professional mailing list for dermatopathology
Dfm-preceptors Preceptors
dried-fish-matters Dried Fish Matters
Ece-inquiries [no description available]
Econ-faculty Economic Faculty List
ECON-GRAD Economics Graduate Students
Econ-grad-students-assoc-email Economics Graduate Students Association Email The purpose of this account is to facilitate communication
EconGradStudentAlumni To enable communication with our Econ Graduate Student Alumni regarding job opportunities and other items of interest.
EDU-Academics Faculty of Education: EDU-Academics-CTL; EDU-Academics-EAFP; EDU-Academics-Other
EDU-Academics-CTL Faculty of Education: Academic Staff in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning
EDU-Academics-EAFP Faculty of Education: Academic Staff in the Department of Educational, Administration, Foundations, and Psychology
EDU-Academics-Other Faculty of Education: Other Academic Staff
EDU-Academics-Retired Faculty of Education: Retired Academic Staff
EDU-All Faculty of Education: EDU-Academics; EDU-SupStaff; EDU-Academics-Retired; EDU-Sessional-Instructors
Edu-Alumni eNews for Education Alumni
edu-bed-2019-20 BEd Students in 2019-2020
Edu-bed-2021-22 Bachelor of Education Students for 2021-22
edu-bed-practicum-students BEd students in practicum in the current term
EDU-Building Faculty of Education: EDU-All; EDU-Building-External
EDU-Building-External Faculty of Education: External Contacts for the Building
EDU-Fac-Council Faculty of Education: EDU-Academics; EDU-Fac-Council-External; EDU-Fac-Council-SupStaff
EDU-Fac-Council-External Faculty of Education: Faculty Council External Members
EDU-Fac-Council-SupStaff Faculty of Education: Faculty Council Support Staff Members
Edu-med Faculty of Education M.Ed. Students
Edu-MEd-PhD Faculty of Education Graduate Students
Edu-phd Faculty of Education Ph.D. Students
EDU-Research-Assistants Faculty of Education: Research Assistants
EDU-Retirees Faculty of Education Retirees
EDU-Sessional-Instructors Faculty of Education: EDU-Sessional Instructors-CTL; EDU-Sessional Instructors-EAFP
EDU-Sessional-Instructors-CTL Faculty of Education: Sessional Instructors in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning
EDU-Sessional-Instructors-EAFP Faculty of Education: Sessional Instructors in the Department of Educational, Administration, Foundations, and Psychology
EDU-SupStaff Faculty of Education: Support Staff
ENGG-NEWS-OTHER Engineering: News
Env-des-arch4-option Env Des Arch4 Option
Env-des-ie4-option [no description available]
Env-des-landurb4-option [no description available]
Env-Des-newArch3-option [no description available]
Env-Des-newIntEnv3-Option [no description available]
Env-Des-newLandUrb3-Option [no description available]
Env-des-yr2 Environmental Design Year 2
Env-undergrads environemntal studies undergraduate students
Envgeo-academic-staff Environment & Geography Academic Staff
Envgeog-adjunct Environment & EG Adjuncts
Envgeog-admin Environment & EG Administrative Team
Envgeog-grdstud Environment & EG Current Grad students
Envgeog-instr Environment & Env Geog Instructors
Envgeog-prof Environment & Env Geog Professors
Envgeog-ugrad Undergrad student list
Event-Room-Request-Agriculture-Buildings Agriculture Buildings Room Reservation Request
Event-Room-Request-Robson-Hall Robson Hall Room Reservation Request
Ext-rel-all All Staff in External Relations
Ext-Rel-Summer2020 External Relations Summer 2020
FA-Awards Financial Aid & Awards
FAFS-Undergrad-HNS-All Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
FHS-All Faculty of Health Sciences: All
FHS-all-academics Faculty of Health Sciences: All Academics
FHS-All-Academics-Ext Acad staff of FHS incl f.t., p.t., and nils
FHS-All-Others Faculty of Health Sciences: All
Finance-working-group [no description available]
First-6-Weeks University 1
First-6-Weeks-Returning First-year students
first-year-nswp-students [no description available]
First-year-students First Year Students
FKRM-Academics Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management Academics
Fkrm-ahs-gradstudents FKRM AHS Graduate Students
FKRM-Faculty Faculty/Academic members of FKRM
FKRM-Graduate-Students Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management Graduate Students
fos-idea Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance of the Faculty of Science
FoS-Makerspace [no description available]
fos-makerspace-announce Faculty of Science Announcements
fos-makerspace-discussion Faculty of Science Makerspace Discussions
fourth-year-nswp-students [no description available]
fs-all Financial Services
fs-payroll-all Financial Services
FSS-IHP-Undergrad-All Family Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Health Undergraduate Students
GeoScience-Academics Geological Sciences: Faculty
GeoScience-Adjunct GeoScience Adjuncts Professor
GeoScience-All Geological Sciences: All
GeoScience-Associates Geological Sciences: Research Associates
Geoscience-emeritus Geological Sciences: Emeritus
Geoscience-geofriends Friends of Geological Sciences
GeoScience-Grads Geological Sciences: Graduate Students
geoscience-sessionals geoscience:Sessional Instructors
GeoScience-Supstaff Earth Sciences: Support Staff
Global-Circus-Studies Devoted to the study of circus
GradStudies-Faculty-Council Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty Council
Grex-Logs High volume, low content messages from the grex cluster.
H2O-CREATE First Nations water and sanitation science and engineering research team
Health-Sciences-Graduate-Students All HS Grad Students
HR-research-centres Canadian Association of Human Rights Institutes (CAHRI)
ICSWP-Academics ICSWP Academics
ICSWP-SupStaff ICSWP Support Staff
Indigenous.newsletter Indigenous Student Bi-Weekly Newsletter
IST-Alerts Important IST announcements
ist-all Information Services and Technology
Ist-app-build-cherwell [no description available]
IST-CNS-Integration IST - CNS - Integration Support
IST-CNS-Networking IST - Computer and Network Services - Networking
IST-CNS-Storage IST - Computer and Network Services - Storage and Backups
IST-CNS-UNIX-team UNIX Server Team (internal)
IST-CNS-Winserv-team Windows Server Team
Ist-enterprise-ac IST - Application Consultants
Ist-enterprise-ac-finance IST - Finance Application Maintenance
Ist-enterprise-ac-hr IST - HR application maintenance
Ist-enterprise-ac-student IST - Student Application Maintenance
IST-Mathematica Mathematica licensed software
ist-mgrs IST - Managers
IST-Origin Origin licensed software
Ist-powerbi-clients IST Power BI users
IST-Retirees-All Past IST Employees - Retired or Other
IST-SAS SAS licensed software
IST-SPSS SPSS licensed software
Jdcwest-2008 JDC West 2008 Student Group Mailing List
Kleysen-Neuroscience Neuroscience Research Program - Kleysen Bldg. SR4
Krm-students [no description available]
Law-allstudents List containing all students, including the Master of Human Rights students and the Grad students of the Faculty of Law.
Law-faculty Law: Faculty
Law-gradstudents [no description available]
law-senior-scholars Law: Senior Scholars
Law-staff Law: Staff
LIB-ACADEMICS Libraries: Academics
Lib-access Mail list for library staff at Access Services
LIB-ALL All Libraries Staff
Lib-circ-supervisorsplus Libraries Supervisors list
LIB-DAF-ALL All Dafoe Building Personnel
Lib-E-Offers Electronic resources offers for librarians
Lib-finance Conduit between Banner Finance and Libraries Acquisitions Department
LIB-LAW-ALL All Law Library Staff
lib-librarians-fg All librarians on the Fort Garry campus.
lib-mlci-board Manitoba Library Consortium Board
Lib-mlci-members Manitoba Library Consortium Member
lib-pubserv listserv for all staff on public services at the Libraries
Lib-scitech Engineering and Science Librarians
lib-stl-all [no description available]
Lib-SuppStaff Libraries Support Staff Mail List
Lib-virt Libraries - Ask Us Information
Lib-WRHAVL [no description available]
LING-Listserv Linguistics Listserv
March-arch Architecture: March Student Info.
March-cp City Planning: March Contact Info
March-id Interior Design: March Contact Info
March-la Landscape Architecture: March-la Contact Info
Mauro-Centre-Metro Mauro Centre: Winnipeg Contacts
Mauro-Centre-Public PACS learning community & UM friends
Mauro-Centre-SPC Centre's St. Paul's College contacts
Mauro-Centre-UM Mauro Centre: University of Manitoba contacts
Mauro-Friends Key allies of the Mauro Centre and PACS Program
Mauro-Staff Staff of the Mauro Centre and PACS
MED-ACADEMICS Medicine: Academics
Med-academics-all Acad staff of College of Medicine incl f.t., p.t., and nils
MED-ALL Medicine: All
Med-alumni medicine alumni
Med-anesthesia-aca [no description available]
Med-anesthesia-education [no description available]
MED-BIOCHEM-ACADEMICS Biochemistry: Academics
MED-BIOCHEM-GRDSTD Medicine: Biochemistry: Graduate Students
MED-BIOCHEM-OTHER Medicine: Biochemistry: Others
MED-BIOCHEM-SUPSTAFF Biochemistry: Support Staff
MED-CHP-ACADEMICS Clinical Health Psychology: Academics
MED-CHP-ALL Clinical Health Psychology: All
MED-CHS-ACADEMICS Community Health Sciences: Academics
MED-CHS-ALL Community Health Sciences
MED-CHS-SUPSTAFF Community Health Sciences: Support Staff
Med-class2018-student Medicine Class of 2018 (student-run list)
Med-Class2019-Student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2019
Med-class2020-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2020
Med-class2021-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2021
Med-class2022-all Medicine Class of 2022
Med-class2022-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2022
Med-class2023-all Medicine Class of 2023
Med-class2023-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2023
Med-class2024-all Medicine Class of 2024
Med-class2024-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2024
Med-class2025-student Faculty of Medicine Class of 2025
MED-CPD-ACADEMICS Continuing Professional Development: Academics
MED-CPD-ALL Continuing Professional Development: All
MED-DEANSOFFICE-ACADEMICS Medicine: Dean's Office: Academics
MED-DEANSOFFICE-ALL Medicine: Dean's Office: All
MED-DEANSOFFICE-SUPSTAFF Medicine: Dean's Office: Support Staff
MED-EDUC-OFC Medical Education Office
MED-EHSO-ALL Medicine: Bannatyne Environmental Health and Safety Office
med-emerg-academics DEM Academic List
med-fammed-academics GFTs (part-time and full time), Nil Salaried Appointments
MED-FAMMED-ALL Family Medicine: All
MED-FAMMED-SUPSTAFF Family Medicine: Support Staff
Med-grad-all All Medicine Graduate Students
MED-GRDSTD Medicine: Graduate Students
MED-INTMED-ACADEMICS Internal Medicine: Academics
MED-INTMED-SUPSTAFF Internal Medicine: Support Staff
MED-MICROBIO-ACADEMICS Medical Microbiology: Academics
MED-MICROBIO-ALL Medical Microbiology: All
MED-MICROBIO-OTHERS Medical Microbiology: Others
MED-MICROBIO-SUPSTAFF Medical Microbiology: Support Staff
MED-OBSTETRICS-SUPSTAFF Obstetrics: Support Staff
Med-Ophth-Academics Ophthalmology U of M Faculty List
med-other-academics Medicine: Other subscribers for Med-Academics
MED-OTHERS Medicine: Other Bannatyne Staff
MED-OTOLARYNGOLOGY-ACADEMICS Medicine: Otolaryngology: Academics
MED-PATHOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Pathology: Support Staff
Med-Pharmacology-Nil-APPT Nil Appt. for the department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Med-pharmacology-students Pharmacology Students
MED-PHARMACOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Pharmacology: Support Staff
Med-physiology-post-doctoral-fellows Post doctoral fellows in physiology and pathophysiology
MED-PHYSIOLOGY-STUDENTS Physiology: All Students
MED-PHYSIOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Physiology: Support Staff
MED-PSYCHIATRY-SUPSTAFF Psychiatry: Support Staff
MED-RADIOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Radiology: Support Staff
MED-REPS Medicine Departmental Computer Representatives
Med-supstaff Medicine: All
MED-SURGERY-SUPSTAFF Surgery: Support Staff
Meeting-ADR-RLO Associate Deans (Research) and Research Liaison Officers
MHIKNET-L Manitoba's Health Information and Knowledge Network
MHLA-NEWS Manitoba Health Libraries Association list
MHR-PracticumAdvisors Masters of Human Rights
MHR-PracticumStudents Masters of Human Rights
MHR-students Masters of Human Rights
MHR-ThesisAdvisors [no description available]
MHR-ThesisStudents Masters of Human Rights
MLA-EXEC Manitoba Library Association Exec
MMID-Coding-Workshop MMID Coding Workshop Emailing List
MNN-Faculty Manitoba Neuroscience Network Faculty
MPAS-Class-of-2022 MPAS Class of 2022
MPAS-Class-of-2023 MPAS Class of 2023
mrnet-l MRNet Members
Msss-mailinglist Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS) Inc.
mswik-students List for students of the MSW-IK program.
NCN-contacts-students [no description available]
Neuro-All Winnipeg Chapter Society for Neuroscience Office
Northwinds-band Northwinds Community Band
NRI-ACADEMICS Natural Resources Institute Academics
NRI-ALL Natural Resource Institute
NRI-Alumni Natural Resources Institute Alumni
NRI-GRDSTUD NRI Graduate Students
NRI-SUPSTAFF Natural Resources Institute Support Staff
Nursing-4yr-students All Undergrad Nursing Students
Nursing-Academics Instructors, UMFA Members, Senior Scholars
Nursing-academics-all Acad staff of College of Nursing incl f.t., p.t., and nils
nursing-all-employees All College of Nursing Employees
Nursing-All-Midwifery All Midwifery Students
nursing-all-students All Nursing Students
Nursing-alumni Alumni nursing newsletter/notifications - Used By Marketing Only
nursing-appt-staff All Hourly Appointment Staff
Nursing-bprn-students BPRN Students
Nursing-CEF Clinical Education Facilitators
Nursing-Faculty-Grad Grad Faculty
Nursing-fortgarry-all All College of Nursing Employees
Nursing-GradStudents All Graduate Students
Nursing-mcnhr Registered Members of the MCNHR - External and Internal members
Nursing-Supstaff All Support Staff
Nursing-ucn-faculty University College of the North Faculty
Ophth-faculty Ophthalmology Faculty mailing list
Ophth-grand-rounds Ophthalmology Grand Rounds List
Ophth-non-faculty [no description available]
Ophth-office-staff Ophthalmology offices staff email addresses
Ophth-residents Ophthalmology residents mailing list
Pacs-alumni [no description available]
PACS-PhD PACS Ph.D. Students and IIP Students
PEG-JournalClub Evolution Journal Club
Pharmacy-3rd-year Pharmacy 3rd year students
Pharmacy-4th-year Pharmacy 4th year students
Pharmacy-academics-all Acad staff of College of Pharmacy incl f.t., p.t., and nils
Pharmacy-all All Faculty of Pharmacy Staff
Pharmacy-grad-students Pharmacy Graduate students
Phil-list Philosophy Department & Student Associations Mailing List
Photo-Club UofM Photoclub mailing list
PIMS-UofM [no description available]
Presidents-scholars-new-2020-2021 This mailing list contains all the NEW President's Scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Presidents-scholars-returning-2020-2021 This mailing list contains all the returning President's Scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Psych-leboelab [no description available]
Red-Lion Red Lion
Rehab-academics-all Acad staff of Rehabilitation Science incl f.t., p.t., and nils
rep-all Research and International
RFHS-Grad-all RFHS-Grad-All
Riddell-faculty-adjunct UM Riddell Faculty adjunct
Riddell-Faculty-Alumni UM Riddell Faculty Alumni
Riddell-faculty-graduate-students UM Riddell Faculty graduate students
Riddell-faculty-international-students email address of all UM Riddell Faculty international students each academic term
Riddell-faculty-support-staff UM Riddell Faculty support
Riddell-faculty-teaching-staff UM Riddell Faculty teaching staff
Riddell-faculty-undergraduate-students UM Riddell Faculty undergraduate students
Riddell-non-faculty UM Riddell Non-Faculty
rm-ehs-ALL Risk Management: Environmental Health and Safety
RO-Teaching-Staff RO distribution list of teaching staff
School-of-Art-Gallery [no description available]
Science-biosci-adjunct Science: Biology
Science-biosci-council [no description available]
Science-biosci-seminars [no description available]
Science-Chemistry-Adjuncts [no description available]
Science-Chemistry-ChemClub [no description available]
Science-chemistry-grad-students Chemistry Graduate Students
Science-Chemistry-LabInstructors [no description available]
science-chemistry-newsletter List of receipients of Chemistry Newsletter
Science-chemistry-posting [no description available]
Science-chemistry-retired [no description available]
science-microbiology-grad Microbiology Grads
Science-statistics-invigilators [no description available]
second-year-nswp-students [no description available]
ServiceDisruptions Service disruptions occurring throughout the university.
Sig-ccl-stakeholders [no description available]
slam-members Sri Lanka Association of Manitoba
SoA-Honours School of Arts - Honour Students
Soart-faculty-council SoART - School Council
SocialWork-Alumni Social Work Alumni List
socialwork-bsw-all Social Work - BSW Students
Socialwork-de-sessionals [no description available]
Socialwork-indigenous-caucus Social Work Indigenous Caucus
Socialwork-mswgrads [no description available]
Socialwork-MSWStudents Social Work - MSW Students
Socialwork-nswp Northern Social Work Program
Socialwork-nswp-alumni [no description available]
Socialwork-nswp-students [no description available]
Socialwork-PreMSWStudents Social Work - Pre-MSW Students
Socialwork-researchcommittee Social Work - Research Committee Mailing List
SOCIALWORK-THOMPSON-ALL Social Work: Thompson: All
SOCIALWORK-THOMPSON-SUPSTAFF Social Work: Thompson: Support Staff
SoilScience-Gradstudents a list to allow communication and announcements between graduate students in the dept. of soil science
SPC-ACADEMICS St. Paul's College Academics
SPC-ALL St. Paul's College
SPC-OTHER St. Paul's College
SPC-SUPSTAFF St. Paul's College Support Staff
Spcstudents2020 [no description available]
SSEF-Past-Participants Support Staff Endowment Fund past participants
Student-Weekly Sign up to receive all three versions of the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Fort Garry/undergraduate, Bannatyne/undergraduate and graduate)
Student-Weekly-Bannatyne Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Bannatyne/undergraduate version)
Student-Weekly-Fort-Garry Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Fort Garry/undergraduate version)
Student-weekly-graduate Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (graduate version)
Suh-Lab-Users [no description available]
svr-adminbldg-all Everyone in ADMINBLDG
Teaching-Staff [no description available]
Theatreprog-friends Black Hole Theatre Co. Show and Event Info
third-year-nswp-students [no description available]
Ug-admissionsprocessing UG Admissions Processing
Ugme-class-schd-report-weekly UGME Class Schedule Weekly Report
um-compureps U of M IT Support Reps Mailing List
UM-Network-Users-D U of M Microcomputer Coordinators Network Discussion List
um-njmhsl-csd-staff UM-NJMHSL-CSD-Staff
um-njmhsl-librarians Mailing list used to contact all NJMHS Library, librarians.
Um-registration-waitlist [no description available]
Uman-athletics Aurora Student Information System
Umcssa-list Chinese Student and Scholar Association Information List
UMPlan-Clients UMPlan Client Mailing List for the Universitys Planning & Budgeting tool
UPSA-exec [no description available]
Upsa-list Undergraduate Psychology Students' Association
URI-ADR-ALL Alumni and Donor Relations
URI-Development Department of Development Staff
Visa-purchasing-card-cardholders [no description available]
WilliamNorrieCentre [no description available]

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