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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
aboriginal-issues-press Aboriginal Issues Press
Aboriginal-Law-Students Law: Aboriginal Students
Actingcorp-test [no description available]
Ad-astra-upgrades [no description available]
Admin-bert Administration Building Emergency Response Team
Admin-law-45353 To correspond with the students in Admin Law
Admin-law-45353-l02 Administrative Law L02
Agriculture-ffdc [no description available]
Agriculture-ffdcnews [no description available]
Ahs-academics Applied Health Sciences Faculty Advisors
AHS-Advisory-Committee AHS - Advisory Committee - Applied Health Sciences Advisory Committee members
Ahs-committee Applied Health Sciences Committee Members
Ahs-gradstudents Applied Health Sciences graduate students
AIESEC-SN AIESEC Exchange Students
AIHA-Manitoba-Local-Section Membership list contact and resource information
Aims-mailing-list student group - AIMS
ALGONQUIAN-L Linguistics Algonquian linguistics
All-students-tuition-fees [no description available]
ALLIANCE-L Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease
Alma-Implementation-Group For staff involved in the Libraries' Alma implementation
Alternative-village Alternative Village contacts
Amerem-list American Electromagnetics Symposium
AMF-List Asian Movie Festival Mailing List
Amnesty-international-core A. I. UofM Members
ANCILLARY-ALL [no description available]
ANCILLARY-SERVICES [no description available]
ANP-Canada A Forum for Advanced Practice Nurses in Canada.
Antem-list Conference - International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics [ANTEM]
APN-STUDENTS Nursing Advanced Practicing Nursing Students
App-comp-math-seminar Announcements for the applied and computational mathematics seminar
apple-list Apple Macintosh SIG list
AQUACULTURE-IMPACTS Aquaculture Impacts List
ARTS-ANTH-ACADEMICS Anthropology: Academics
ARTS-ANTH-ADJUNCTMEMBERS Anthropology: Adjunct Members
ARTS-ANTH-GRADS-ALL Anthropology Graduate Students
ARTS-ANTH-SENIORSCHOLARS Anthropology: Senior Scholars
ARTS-ANTH-STAFF Anthropology: Staff
Arts-Psych-leboelab [no description available]
Ask-finance-for-researchers Ask questions and receive updates regarding the financial administration of research funds
Aurora-finance-users Aurora Finance User Group
Av-tech [no description available]
Bannatyne-IT-support [no description available]
bannatyne-safety-cttee Bannatyne Campus employees for Safety Committee
Bcit-all [no description available]
BENTHIC-ECOLOGY Benthic Ecology Mailing List
BERT-Admin100-ALL [no description available]
BETA-GAMMA-SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma Honours Society
Bif-authors authors for Bubbles in Food 2
Bison-media Manitoba Bison media contacts
Bison-track Bison Track & Field media list
BME-Members Biomedical Engineering Members
Bnad-list Communications for the Symonized Engineering Marching BNAD.
Bookstore-Accounting Book Store Accounting Department
bookstore-all All UofM Bookstore Staff
bookstore-managers UofM Bookstore Managers & Supervisors
Bookstore-textbooks Bookstore
BREAST-CANCER-3D-SCREENING 3-D Breast Cancer Screening
Brown-Bags PACS learning community & UM friends
Brs-memberships Used by Bison Recreation Services to contact members regarding membership and locker expiry dates.
Bsal-marketing Bison Sport and Active Living marketing list
Bubbles-in-food2 mailing list for bubbles in food 2 conference information dissemination
Bulkmail-summary Bulk Mail Summary Registration
BUSINESS-ORGANIZATIONS-L01 Law: Corporations Law L01
BUSINESS-ORGANIZATIONS-L02 Law: Business Organizations L02
Campus-DaycareCentre U of M Campus Daycare Centre Contact List
CAN-LC Learning Commons list
CaN-TRIP Canadian Network for Travel-related infections and Immigrant health in Pediatrics (CANTRIP)
Card-Coordinators UofM Card Coordinators
catl-List Update Faculty on CATL Workshops and newletters
Ccupeka-list [no description available]
CEEA-conference Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference Attendees
CEEA-CurrentConference [no description available]
CEEA-Research-Collaboration-Group Canadian Engineering Education Association Research Collaboration Group
Ceea-student-memberships List of student members for Organization
Ceos-adjunct This list includes all CEOS adjuncts that are out of province
Ceos-all This list includes all CEOS staff & students except Adjuncts
CEOS-Faculty CEOS faculty members mailing list
Ceos-postdocs This list includes all CEOS postdocs
Ceos-ra This list includes all CEOS RA's
Ceos-staff This list includes all CEOS support staff
CEOS-Students CEOS Student Email List
CHERD-Instructors All CHERD Instructors
CHET-STUDENTS CATL Graduate students enrolled in the CHET program
Chi-List Mailing list for Chinese in Manitoba
CHILD-PSYCHOLOGY Forum for Students and Parents in Child Psychology
CHRR-initiative Subscription and Information e-mail for Canadian Human Rights Research
CHS-Council [no description available]
CHS-Students Community Health Sciences Students
class-27-260-l04 27.260 (L04) Foundations of Production & Operations Management
Cmds1 [no description available]
Coc-cherwell-tasks Computers On Campus Cherwell Tasks
COHERE-Conference-2014 COHERE Conference 2014
COHERE-Conference-Past-Participants COHERE Conference Past Participants
Cohere-new COHERE - list consists of designated members involved in a consortium for online and blended learning
Community-contacts Community Contacts - NSWP
Comp2140-winter13 Mailing list for COMP2140
Comp4360-w14 Mailing list for COMP4360 (Winter 2014)
Comp7570-fall13 Mailing list for comp7570(fall 2013)
Computer-Accounts-Employee-Shutdown Computer Accounts Employee Shutdown
Computer-orders Computers on Campus Computer Orders
Computer-vision Announcement related to computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, or other related areas at UManitoba
Concur-fopdaily-run Log of daily process of valid FOP cominations for upload to Concur
Concur-Unit-Experts Mailing list for Concur unit experts
Concur-users Concur Users
Constitutional-Law-L01 45.146 L01
Constitutional-law-l02 [no description available]
Constitutional-law-l03 [no description available]
CORP-LAW Law Corporate Law and Policy Couse list
Corporations-law-i-l01 Law: Course number 45.269 L01
Corporations-law-i-l02 Law: Course 45.269 L02
CPD-Dental Division of Continuing Professional Development, for Dentistry, University of Manitoba
CPD-Manitoba Upcoming events offered through Continuing Professional Development, University of Manitoba
Cross-Cultural-Group [no description available]
CSSA-Discuss Computer Science Students Association Discussion List
Cssa-Exec CSSA Executive discussion
CSSA-List E-mail List for UMCSSA Executives and e-mail for outside contacts
CTP-Grad-Students Grad Students in the Education Faculty's Counsellor Training Program
Cupe3909-Arts-Unit-1 membership list for Arts unit 1 of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-Arts-unit-1-instructors membership list for Arts instructors unit 1 of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-Arts-Unit-2 membership list for Arts unit 2 of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-Arts-unit-2-instructors membership list for Arts instructors unit 1 of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-engineering-unit-1 Engineering students who are members of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-unit-1 membership list for unit 1 of cupe 3909
Cupe3909-unit-2 membership list for unit 2 of cupe 3909
Curriculum-Renewal-Faculty-Retreat Invitation list
CVIS-key-users Curriculum Vitae Information Service Newsletter
D-Unit Dentistry Class of 2008
D2L-Current-Users [no description available]
D2L-Notify [no description available]
D2L-Outages D2L Outages
D2L-team [no description available]
Dafoe-public-service Elizabeth Dafoe Public Service Staff
Dental-alumni-friends [no description available]
Dental-ddss-alumni-perio Perio Alumni
Dental-ddss-cc Course Coordinators
Dental-ddss-div-odr Division of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
Dental-ddss-div-oms Division of OMS
Dental-ddss-div-perio Division of Perio
DENTAL-DDSS-FT-ACADEMICS Dentistry: Dental Diagnostic and Surgical Services: Full-time Academics
Dental-ddss-supstaff Support Staff
DENTAL-OB-ACADEMICS All academics in Oral Biology
DENTAL-OB-ALL All users in Oral Biology
Dental-ob-gradstudents [no description available]
Dental-ortho-gradstudents [no description available]
Dental-os-gradstudents Oral Surgery Grad Students
DENTAL-PDS-FT-ACADEMICS Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Full-time Academics
DENTAL-PDS-PT-ACADEMICS Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Part-time Academics
DENTAL-PDS-PT-Ortho Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Part-time Ortho
DENTAL-PDS-PT-Pedo Dentistry: Preventive Dental Science: Part-time pedo
DENTAL-PDS-SUPSTAFF All support staff in PDS
Dental-pedo-gradstudents [no description available]
Dental-perio-gradstudents Periodontics Grad Students
DENTAL-RD-ALL Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry: All
DENTAL-RD-SUPSTAFF Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry: Support Staff
Dental-UMDAA [no description available]
Dermpath-l Professional mailing list for dermatopathology
Dfm-alumni [no description available]
Disability-Research Disability Research across theUniversity of Manitoba Campus
Disability-Studies-Seminar-List Disability Studies Seminar Series List
Disability-studies-students Disability Studies: Students
DS-Seminar-Series Disability Studies Seminar Series
DU-CA A listserv for the Canadian Chapters of Delta Upsilon
Ebola-Update [no description available]
Ece-inquiries [no description available]
Econ-faculty Economic Faculty List
ECON-GRAD Economics Graduate Students
Econ-grad-students-assoc-email Economics Graduate Students Association Email The purpose of this account is to facilitate communication
EconGradStudentAlumni To enable communication with our Econ Graduate Student Alumni regarding job opportunities and other items of interest.
EDU-Academics Faculty of Education: All Academic Faculty Members
EDU-Academics-CTL Faculty of Education: Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Department Academics
EDU-Academics-EAFP Faculty of Education: Educational, Administration, Foundations, and Psychology Department Academics
EDU-All Faculty of Education: Faculty Members and Support Staff
Edu-Alumni eNews for Education Alumni
EDU-FAC-ADVISORS Faculty of Education: Faculty Advisors
EDU-Fac-Council Faculty of Education: Faculty Council Members
EDU-Fac-Council-External Faculty of Education: Faculty Council External Members
Edu-placement-principals Principals of Schools with Placements
EDU-Retirees Faculty of Education Retirees
EDU-Sessional-Instructors Faculty of Education Sessional Instructors
EDU-Sessional-Instructors-CTL Faculty of Education CTL Sessional Instructors
EDU-Sessional-Instructors-EAFP Faculty of Education EAF&P Sessional Instructors
EDU-SupStaff Faculty of Education: Support Staff
Ememo-test [no description available]
ENGG-NEWS-OTHER Engineering: News
ENGLISH-GRADS Listserv for English Grad Students
Env-des-arch4-option Env Des Arch4 Option
Env-des-ie4-option [no description available]
Env-des-landurb4-option [no description available]
Env-Des-newArch3-option [no description available]
Env-Des-newIntEnv3-Option [no description available]
Env-Des-newLandUrb3-Option [no description available]
Env-des-yr2 Environmental Design Year 2
EPIC-Contract-Commit EPIC contract commitment files
EPIC-Users EPIC Users list
Event-Room-Request-Agriculture-Buildings Agriculture Buildings Room Reservation Request
Event-Room-Request-Robson-Hall Robson Hall Room Reservation Request
Ext-rel-all All Staff in External Relations
FAFS-Undergrad-HNS-All Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Fall-2011-uofm-students Information for U of M students for Fall 2011
FHS-All Faculty of Health Sciences: All
FHS-all-academics Faculty of Health Sciences: All Academics
Finance-working-group [no description available]
Finserv-aribasv Recipients of notifications of successful creation of Ariba Spend Visibility data extracts from Banner
FINSERV-SUPPLIER-SERVICES Invoices and documents for Supplier Services
Fk Kinesiology: Graduation, conference and job opportunity announcements
Fkrm-undergrad-alumni [no description available]
fs-all Financial Services
fs-payroll-all Financial Services
Gallery-oneoneone SoART - Gallery One One One
Gender-And-Law 45.307
GeoScience-Academics Geological Sciences: Faculty
GeoScience-Adjunct GeoScience Adjuncts Professor
GeoScience-All Geological Sciences: All
GeoScience-Associates Geological Sciences: Associates
Geoscience-geofriends Friends of Geological Sciences
GeoScience-Grads Geological Sciences: Graduate Students
Geoscience-recentgrads Geoscience Recent Grads
GeoScience-Supstaff Geology: Support Staff
GGSA-INFO Geography Graduate Students Association Info List
Global-Circus-Studies Devoted to the study of circus
GradStudies-Faculty-Council Graduate Studies meeting information
Grex-Logs High volume, low content messages from the grex cluster.
Gs-deans-and-directors Graduate Studies: Deans & Directors
Gs-department-heads Graduate Studies: Department Heads
Gs-dept-grad-chairs Graduate Studies: Department Grad Chairs
Gs-staff-all Graduate Studies: Staff
Gs-suppstaff-contacts Graduate Studies: Support Staff Contacts
GSA-Council GSA Council Members
H2O-CREATE First Nations water and sanitation science and engineering research team
Health-Equity Those interested in discussing, learning or promoting health equity.
hr-all Human Resources
hr-es-all HR - Equity Services
HRIS-DDD-ExecAsst-BusinessMgr Deans, Directors, Department Heads and their Executive Assistants/Business Managers dealing with HR matters
hris-emap List of EMAP employees
hris-equity-medicine The Faculty of Medicine excluding GFTs and students
hris-exec-senior-administrator U of M Executive Senior Adminstrators
hris-faculty-admin-unit-administrator U of M Faculty and Administrative Unit Administrators
hris-head-of-dept-admin-unit U of M Heads of Department and Adminstrative Units
hris-mco-staff-survey List of mco-staff-survey employees
HRIS-Support-Staff-excl-Casuals Support staff (excluding casual appts)
hris-UM-Administrator-VPAdmin-use [no description available]
Human-Resources-All-Staff All Human Resources Staff
Human-Resources-Change-Management Change Management, HR Department
Human-Resources-Client-Services Client Services, HR Department
Human-Resources-Compensation-and-Benefits Compensation & Benefits, HR Department
Human-Resources-Consulting Consulting, HR Department
Human-Resources-HR-Systems HR Systems, HR Department
Human-Resources-Learning-and-Organizational-Development Learning & Organizational Development, HR Department
Human-Resources-Pension-Office Pension Office, HR Department
Human-resources-pension-ofice [no description available]
Human-Resources-Staff-Relations Staff Relations, HR Department
HUMEC-ACADEMICS Human Ecology: Faculty
HUMEC-ALL Human Ecology: All
Humec-all-gradstudents [no description available]
HUMEC-CLOTHTEX-ACADEMICS Human Ecology: Clothing and Textiles: Faculty
HUMEC-CLOTHTEX-ALL Human Ecology: Clothing and Textiles: All
HUMEC-CLOTHTEX-HEAD Human Ecology: Clothing and Textiles: Department Head
HUMEC-CLOTHTEX-SUPSTAFF Human Ecology: Clothing and Textiles: Support Staff
HUMEC-DEANSOFFICE Human Ecology: Dean's Office
HUMEC-FOODSNUT-ACADEMICS Human Ecology: Foods and Nutrition: Faculty
HUMEC-FOODSNUT-ALL Human Ecology: Foods and Nutrition: All
HUMEC-FOODSNUT-HEAD Human Ecology: Foods and Nutrition: Department Head
HUMEC-FOODSNUT-SUPSTAFF Human Ecology: Foods and Nutrition: Support Staff
HUMEC-FSS-ACADEMICS Human Ecology: Family Social Sciences: Academics
HUMEC-FSS-ALL Human Ecology: Family Social Sciences: All
Humec-fss-gradstudents [no description available]
HUMEC-FSS-HEAD Human Ecology: Family Social Sciences: Head
HUMEC-GENERALOFFICE Human Ecology: General Office Staff
humec-heads Human Ecology: Department Heads
Humec-hns-gradstudents [no description available]
Humec-hns-mscstudents [no description available]
Humec-hns-phdstudents [no description available]
Humec-hns-sessionals [no description available]
Humec-phdstudents [no description available]
HUMEC-SUPSTAFF Human Ecology: Support Staff
Humec-tss-gradstudents [no description available]
HUMEC-UNDERGRAD-ALL Human Ecology: All Undergrads
ICS-Newsletter International Centre for Students Weekly Newsletter
ICSWP-Academics ICSWP Academics
ICSWP-SupStaff ICSWP Support Staff
IDE-L International Development and Education
Iims-seminar [no description available]
ILM-NET Ismailia Ilm Network
Imaging-workshop Flyer Notices and Schedules for Workshops
Info-RX The newsletter of the UM Health Sciences Libraries
International-business-law Course 45.398 L01: International Business Law
INTERNATIONAL-HEALTH-GROUP University faculty and students interested in international health
International-Law-45-374 To correspond with the students in International Law
investigators_cacs all of the investigators that central animal care services deals with
Ipad-sig iPad SIG UofM
Irhig-list Immigrant and Refugee Health Interest Group
ist-6th IST 6th floor employees
ist-acn-fac-all IST - Computer Facilities
ist-acn-mgrs IST - Academic Computing And Networking Managers
ist-acn-nw-all IST - Networking
ist-acn-trouble-report Trouble-Reporting
ist-adminsys-acs-all IST - Administrative Client Services
IST-AdminSys-AT-All IST - Application Technologies
Ist-adminsys-cvis-team Curriculum Vitae Information Services project team
ist-adminsys-dt-all IST - Database Technologies
ist-adminsys-fr-all IST - Financial Records Team
ist-adminsys-mgrs IST - Admin. Systems Managers
Ist-adminsys-ods-clients [no description available]
Ist-adminsys-workflow-clients [no description available]
IST-Alerts Important IST announcements
ist-all Information Services and Technology
IST-AV-Bann IST audio visual Bannatyne
IST-AVCTS IST Audio Visual & Classroom Technology Support
IST-Bannatyne [no description available]
IST-Banner-Cloning IST Banner Cloning
IST-Banner-upgrade IST Banner Upgrade
Ist-catl-alerts [no description available]
IST-Central-Admin [no description available]
IST-Change-Advisory-Board IST Change Advisory Board
IST-chara-move IST chara move
Ist-clientservices-iphone [no description available]
IST-CNS IST - Computer and Network Services
Ist-cns-avaya-pbx-support Avaya PBX support
IST-CNS-Facilities IST - Computer and Network Services - Facilities
IST-CNS-HPC IST - Computer and Network Services - High Performance Computing
IST-CNS-Integration IST - Computer and Network Services - Integration Support
IST-CNS-Networking IST - Computer and Network Services - Networking
IST-CNS-Storage IST - Computer and Network Services - Storage and Backups
IST-CNS-Storage-Restores [no description available]
IST-CNS-Systems IST - Computer and Network Services - Systems and Services
Ist-cns-telecom-support [no description available]
Ist-cns-unix-outage [no description available]
IST-CNS-UNIX-Partners UNIX Server Team and partners
IST-CNS-UNIX-team UNIX Server Team (internal)
IST-CNS-UNIX-workrequests Accepts requests for updates to client's UNIX & email accounts
IST-CNS-Winserv-team Windows Server Team
IST-CNS-Winserv-workrequests For client and Support requests for account changes and service
ist-coned-alerts [no description available]
IST-CS-All [no description available]
Ist-cs-hsc IST Help and Solutions Centre Staff
IST-CS-HSC-AV-Booking [no description available]
Ist-cs-hsc-iphone [no description available]
Ist-cs-hsc-mailman [no description available]
Ist-cs-hsc-rogers [no description available]
IST-CS-HSC-Telecomm [no description available]
Ist-cs-ss-law-tasks [no description available]
Ist-de-alerts [no description available]
Ist-dellcompureps Dell Assessment Survey Compureps List
IST-Enterprise IST Enterprise Systems
Ist-enterprise-ac IST Enterprise Systems - Appication Consultants
Ist-enterprise-ac-donor IST Enterprise Systems - Donor Relations Application consultants
Ist-enterprise-ac-finance IST Enterprise Systems - Finance Application Consultants
Ist-enterprise-ac-hr IST Enterprise Systems - HR application consultants
IST-Enterprise-AC-maintain IST Enterprise Application Consultants Maintenance and Break Fix
Ist-enterprise-ac-project IST Enterprise Application Consultants Projects
Ist-enterprise-ac-student IST Enterprise Systems - Student Application Consultants
IST-Enterprise-AD IST Enterprise Systems - Application Development
IST-Enterprise-Banner-Technical IST Enterprise Systems - Banner Technical Committee
IST-Enterprise-Clients Enterprise Systems Clients
IST-Enterprise-FM-schedule-output Batch distributions from IST schedules to sub-department IST Enterprise FM Finance
IST-Enterprise-Production-Support IST Enterprise Systems - Production Support
IST-Enterprise-Standards IST Enterprise Systems - Standards Committee
IST-Enterprise-TAS IST Enterprise Systems - Technical Application Support team
Ist-es-angel-support [no description available]
Ist-es-jump-support [no description available]
Ist-es-lmssupport-tasks Training Team Tasks
Ist-es-training-tasks Training Team Tasks
IST-Help-and-Solutions IST Help and Solutions
IST-HSC-Cherwell Cherwell Test Mailing List
ist-ia-all IST - Institutional Analysis
IST-Infrastructure [no description available]
IST-Iridium-Support IST Iridium Support
IST-Mathematica-2014 Mathematica licensed software - 2014
ist-mgrs IST - Managers
IST-NETupgrade IST Network upgrade
IST-Origin-2014 Origin licensed software - 2014
IST-ORS support of Office of Research Services
IST-SANoutage IST SAN outage
IST-SAS-2014 SAS licensed software - 2014
IST-Server-Arch IST Server Architecture Review Committee
IST-SPSS-2010 SPSS licensed software - 2010
IST-SPSS-2011 SPSS licensed software - 2011
IST-SPSS-2012 SPSS licensed software - 2012
IST-SPSS-2013 SPSS licensed software - 2013
IST-SPSS-2014 SPSS licensed software - 2014
IST-System-Changes IST System Changes Announcement, etc
Ist-telecom-dm1 [no description available]
Ist-wmst-test IST Web and Mobile Solutions Team Test list
Jdcwest-2008 JDC West 2008 Student Group Mailing List
Jump-Course-Migration JUMP Course Migration Project
Jump-migration JUMP Upgrade Notificaitons
Key-Coordinators UofM Key Coordinators
Kleysen-Neuroscience Neuroscience Research Program - Kleysen Bldg. SR4
Krm-friends [no description available]
krm-newsletter [no description available]
Krm-payroll FKRM staff to submit payroll to members of the finance team
Krm-students [no description available]
La-Celestina Lista de correo electrónico para el estudio de La Celestina
lan-ws-config [no description available]
Law-3330-a01-employment-law Law 3330 - A01 - Employment Law
Law-3980-T02 Metis People and Canadian Law
Law-45266-L01 Taxation Law & Policy
Law-45266-L02 Taxation Law & Policy
Law-45316 Dispute Resolution - Theory and Practice
Law-a02 For first-year law students in the A02 sectionFor first-year law students in the A02 sectionFor first-year law students in the A02 section
LAW-ACADEMICS Law: Academics
LAW-ALL Law: All Staff
Law-and-bio-ethics [no description available]
LAW-BUSORG-L01 Law Business Organization 45.228 L01
LAW-BUSORG-L02 Law Business Organization 45.228 L02
LAW-COMPUTER-GROUP Law Students and Staff Computer Group
LAW-CONTRACTS Law Legal Contracts
Law-event-announcements Law: Special Event Announcements
Law-firms-manitoba The list is intended to facilitate contact between the Law Library staff and members of the Manitoba legal community (firm and lawyers).
Law-grad Law Graduate Students
Law-gradstudents [no description available]
Law-Librarians Faculty of Law Librarians
Law-lppr-l01 45.393 Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility (L01)
LAW-NEGOTIATIONS-L01 Law Legal Negotiations 45.262 L01
LAW-NEGOTIATIONS-L02 Law Legal Negotiations 45.262 L02
law-other-academics Law: Other Academics
LAW-Outlaws A mailing list for gay and lesbian law students
Law-Publications Law Publications
law-retired-faculty Law: Retired Faculty
law-senior-scholars Law: Senior Scholars
LAW-SESSIONALS Law: Sessional Lecturers
Law-Special-Students [no description available]
LAW-SUPSTAFF Law: Support Staff
Legal-System-45-153 Law: Legal System 45.153
LIB-ACADEMICS Libraries: Academics
LIB-AGR-ALL All Agriculture Library Staff
LIB-ALL All Libraries Staff
LIB-ARC-ALL All Architecture Library Staff
Lib-authn-team Library Authentication Team
Lib-bison Libraries Catalogue
Lib-bison-circ UML Bison Circulation Group
Lib-circ-supervisorsplus Libraries Supervisors Plus list
LIB-DAF-ALL All Dafoe Building Personnel
LIB-ENG-ALL All Engineering Library Staff
Lib-finance Conduit between Banner Finance and Libraries Acquisitions Department
LIB-FRD-ALL All Fr. Harold Drake Library Staff
Lib-Heads Library Unit/Department Heads
LIB-LAW-ALL All Law Library Staff
LIB-LMAC-ALL Libraries: Management Advisory Committee
LIB-MAN-ALL All Management Library Staff
LIB-MUS-ALL All Music Library Staff
LIB-NEWS Library News
LIB-NJM-ALL All Neil John Maclean Library Staff
Lib-psmg UML Public Services Unit Heads
Lib-reddot [no description available]
LIB-SCI-ALL All Science Library Staff
Lib-scitech Engineering and Science Librarians
Lib-sea-all All Sciences and Technology Libraries Staff
Lib-sirsi SirsiDynix Open Cases Updates
LIB-STJ-ALL All St. Johns Library Staff
LIB-SUPSTAFF Libraries: Support Staff
Lib-virt Libraries: Virtual Reference Program
LIB-WEB Libraries Web Team
Limits-of-the-law [no description available]
LING-Listserv Linguistics Listserv
LWBIN-L A list for activities within the Lake Winnipeg Basin
Manitoba-Bisons The University of Manitoba Bison mailing list
Manitoba-Lawyers Manitoba Lawyers, Run by Faculty of Law, U of M
March-arch Architecture: March Student Info.
March-cp City Planning: March Contact Info
March-id Interior Design: March Contact Info
March-la Landscape Architecture: March-la Contact Info
Mauro-Centre-Board Mauro Centre: Members of the Board of Directors
Mauro-Centre-Faculty-Associates Faculty Associates for Peace and Conlfict Studies
Mauro-Centre-Future-Students Mauro Centre: Future Students
Mauro-Centre-Global Mauro Centre: Contacts in the peace and conflict studies field
Mauro-Centre-Media Mauro Centre: Contacts in the peace and conflict studies field
Mauro-Centre-Metro Mauro Centre: Winnipeg Contacts
Mauro-Centre-Public PACS learning community & UM friends
Mauro-Centre-Research-Cluster Mauro Centre: Storytelling Volunteers
Mauro-Centre-SPC Centre's St. Paul's College contacts
Mauro-Centre-UM Mauro Centre: University of Manitoba contacts
Mauro-Friends Key allies of the Mauro Centre and PACS Program
Mauro-Staff Staff of the Mauro Centre and PACS
MBA-Students Asper MBA Students List
MCM-Food-Panel Human Nutritional Sciences food study distribution list
MCOClientRelations MCO Client Relations Staff
MED-ACADEMICS Medicine: Academics
MED-ALL Medicine: All
Med-alumni medicine alumni
Med-anesthesia-aca [no description available]
Med-anesthesia-education [no description available]
MED-ANESTHESIA-SUPSTAFF Anesthesia: Support Staff
MED-BIOCHEM-ACADEMICS Biochemistry: Academics
MED-BIOCHEM-GRDSTD Medicine: Biochemistry: Graduate Students
MED-BIOCHEM-OTHER Medicine: Biochemistry: Others
MED-BIOCHEM-SUPSTAFF Biochemistry: Support Staff
MED-CHP-ACADEMICS Clinical Health Psychology: Academics
MED-CHP-ALL Clinical Health Psychology: All
MED-CHP-SUPSTAFF Clinical Health Psychology: Support Staff
MED-CHS-ACADEMICS Community Health Sciences: Academics
MED-CHS-ALL Community Health Sciences
MED-CHS-SUPSTAFF Community Health Sciences: Support Staff
Med-class2014-student Med Students Class of 2014 (student run list)
Med-class2015-all Medicine Class of 2015
Med-class2015-student Medicine Class of 2015 (student-run list)
Med-class2016-student Medicine Class of 2016 (student-run list)
Med-class2017-student Medicine Class of 2017 (student-run list)
Med-class2018-student Medicine Class of 2018 (student-run list)
MED-CPD-ACADEMICS Continuing Professional Development: Academics
MED-CPD-ALL Continuing Professional Development: All
MED-CPD-SUPSTAFF Continuing Professional Development: Support Staff
Med-dean-office Dean's Office, Medicine
MED-DEANSOFFICE-ACADEMICS Medicine: Dean's Office: Academics
MED-DEANSOFFICE-ALL Medicine: Dean's Office: All
MED-DEANSOFFICE-SUPSTAFF Medicine: Dean's Office: Support Staff
MED-EDUC-OFC Medical Education Office
MED-EHSO-ALL Medicine: Bannatyne Environmental Health and Safety Office
Med-emerg-academics Emergency Medicine: Academics
Med-emerg-all Emergency Medicine: All
Med-emerg-supstaff Emergency Medicine: Support Staff
MED-EXTAFFAIRS-SUPSTAFF Medicine: External Affairs
MED-FAMMED-ACADEMICS Family Medicine: Academics
MED-FAMMED-ALL Family Medicine: All
MED-FAMMED-SUPSTAFF Family Medicine: Support Staff
Med-grad-all All Medicine Graduate Students
MED-GRDSTD Medicine: Graduate Students
MED-IMMUNOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Immunology: Support Staff
MED-INTMED-ACADEMICS Internal Medicine: Academics
MED-INTMED-ALL Internal Medicine: All
MED-INTMED-SUPSTAFF Internal Medicine: Support Staff
MED-LIB-ACADEMICS Libraries: Medical: Academics
MED-LIBRARY-ALL Neil John Maclean Library
MED-MICROBIO-ACADEMICS Medical Microbiology: Academics
MED-MICROBIO-ALL Medical Microbiology: All
MED-MICROBIO-SUPSTAFF Medical Microbiology: Support Staff
MED-OBSTETRICS-SUPSTAFF Obstetrics: Support Staff
Med-Ophth-Academics Ophthalmology U of M Faculty List
MED-OTHERS Medicine: Other Bannatyne Staff
MED-OTOLARYNGOLOGY-ACADEMICS Medicine: Otolaryngology: Academics
MED-PATHOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Pathology: Support Staff
MED-PEDIATRICS-SUPSTAFF Pediatrics: Support Staff
Med-pgprogram-directors Medicine Post Grad Program directors
Med-Pharmacology-Nil-APPT Nil Appt. for the department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Med-pharmacology-students Pharmacology Students
MED-PHARMACOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Pharmacology: Support Staff
MED-Physiology-4th-BMSB-Staff 4th BMSB Staff
MED-PHYSIOLOGY-STUDENTS Physiology: All Students
MED-PHYSIOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Physiology: Support Staff
MED-PHYSIOLOGY-VISITING Physiology: Visiting Scholars, Researchers and Students
MED-PSYCHIATRY-SUPSTAFF Psychiatry: Support Staff
MED-RADIOLOGY-SUPSTAFF Radiology: Support Staff
MED-REHAB-ACADEMICS Medical Rehabilitation: Academics
MED-REHAB-ALL Medical Rehabilitation: All
Med-rehab-all-students SMR All Students
Med-rehab-mot-continuing SMR MOT Continuing Students
Med-rehab-msc SMR Masters
Med-rehab-ot Medical Rehabilitation: OT Staff
Med-rehab-ot-2015 [no description available]
Med-rehab-ot-2016 SMR OT Class of 2016
Med-rehab-pt Medical Rehabilitation: PT Staff
Med-rehab-pt-2015 SMR PT Class of 2015
Med-rehab-pt-2016 SMR PT Class of 2016
Med-rehab-rt Medical Rehabilitation: RT Staff
Med-rehab-rt-2015 SMR RT Class of 2015
Med-rehab-rt-2016 SMR RT Class of 2016
Med-rehab-rt-2017 SMR RT Class of 2017
Med-rehab-smrsa SMRSA list
MED-REHAB-SUPSTAFF Medical Rehabilitation: Support Staff
MED-REPS Medicine Departmental Computer Representatives
Med-residents-pgy1 Medicine Post Grad students year 1
Med-residents-pgy2 Medicine Post Grad students year 2
Med-residents-pgy3 Medicine Post Grad students year 3
Med-residents-pgy4 Medicine Post Grad students year 4
Med-residents-pgy5 Medicine Post Grad students year 5
Med-residents-pgy6 Medicine Post Grad students year 6
MED-SUPSTAFF Medicine: Support Staff
MED-SURGERY-SUPSTAFF Surgery: Support Staff
Medpilotgroup [no description available]
Mgmt-118330 International Marketing 118.330
MHIKNET-L Manitoba's Health Information and Knowledge Network
MHLA-NEWS Manitoba Health Libraries Association list
MIM-Members Manitoba Institute for Materials - Members
MIM-OffCampus [no description available]
MIM-OnCampus [no description available]
MIM-Students Manitoba Institute for Minerals - Students
MIM-Technicians [no description available]
MiniU-Programs The University of Manitoba Mini-U Programs list
MIS-9350F01L02 Management Listproc for course 9.350 DBMS section L02 2001
Mis-9425t204 [no description available]
Mis-9450t204 [no description available]
MIS2-9200SE02 Management MIS 9.200 Summer Evening 2002 L02
Mitacs-disease MITACS team Transmission Dynamics and Spatial Spread of Infectious Diseases
MLA-EXEC Manitoba Library Association Exec
MLA-NEWS Manitoba Library Association News mailing list
MLA-NP Manitoba Library Association New People
MLA-Rural Manitoba Library Association Rural
MLA-Trustees Manitoba Library Association Trustees
MLAIG Manitoba Libraries Aboriginal Interest Group
Mlsa-executives Manitoba Law Students Association
MNN-Faculty Manitoba Neuroscience Network Faculty
MOA-List The MOA list-serve is for people to engage in discussion about the organic value chain in Manitoba.
mrnet-l MRNet Members
MRnet-tech MRnet Tech List
MSA-LIST Muslim Students Association
Msss-mailinglist Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS) Inc.
Mtha-l Manitoba Transit Heritage Assn member communications
Music-all Faculty of Music - All faculty and staff
Music-Council [no description available]
Music-Faculty Faculty of Music - Academic Staff
Music-jazz [no description available]
Music-Staff Music office staff
Mw_list_01-13 Email invitation list to Daily Bread
NAUUG-BOARD North American UNIFACE Users Group Board
Neonatal-np [no description available]
NEW-SITES New Sites List
NOCMAT-2015 16th NOCMAT 2015 conference
NRI-ACADEMICS Natural Resources Institute Academics
NRI-ALL Natural Resource Institute
NRI-Alumni Natural Resources Institute Alumni
NRI-GRDSTUD NRI Graduate Students
NRI-SUPSTAFF Natural Resources Institute Support Staff
Nursing-4yr-students Nursing: 4yr Students
Nursing-Academics Faculty of Nursing Academics
Nursing-All Faculty of Nursing
Nursing-alumni [no description available]
Nursing-bprn-students Nursing: BPRN Students
Nursing-CEF Nursing Clinical Education Facilitators
Nursing-Faculty-Grad Nursing: Faculty Teaching Grad Level Courses
Nursing-FortGarry-All Faculty of Nursing: Fort Garry
Nursing-GradStudents Nursing: Graduate Students
Nursing-it [no description available]
Nursing-mcnhr Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research
Nursing-mcnhr-friends Friends of the Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research
Nursing-Nils Nursing Nil Appointments
Nursing-Research-Affiliations Nursing: Research Affiliates
nursing-research-supstaff Faculty of Nursing Research Support Staff
Nursing-Supstaff Faculty of Nursing Support Staff
PACS PACS learning community
PACS-Adjuncts PACS Faculty Adjuncts
Pacs-alumni [no description available]
PACS-Board PACS: Members of the Board of Directors
PACS-Committees Non-PACS Faculty Serving on Committees
PACS-Core PACS Core Faculty
PACS-Faculty-Associates Faculty Associates for Peace and Conlfict Studies
PACS-Friends PACS Friends
PACS-Future-Students PACS: Future Students
PACS-Global PACS: Global
PACS-GPC PACS Graduate Program Committee (Ph.D.)
PACS-JMP-JDC PACS Joint Master's Program Joint Discipline Committee
PACS-Media PACS: Contacts in the peace and conflict studies field
PACS-Metro PACS: Winnipeg Contacts
PACS-PhD PACS Ph.D. Students and IIP Students whose home is PACS
PACS-Public PACS Public
PACS-Research-Cluster PACS: Research Cluster
PACS-SPC PACS: St. Paul's College contacts
PACS-Staff Staff of PACS
PACS-UM PACS: University of Manitoba contacts
PACS-Visiting Students visiting PACS courses from outside the University or the department
Parim-Members Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba: Members
Parim-members-events Professional Association of Resident and Interns of Manitoba Events Mailing List
Patient-Safety Patient Safety Picks list
Pharmacy-3rd-year Pharmacy 3rd year students
Pharmacy-4th-year Pharmacy 4th year students
Pharmacy-all All Faculty of Pharmacy Staff
Pharmacy-grad-students Pharmacy Graduate students
Phil-list Philosophy Department & Student Associations Mailing List
PP-ADMIN-SERV Physical Plant: Administrative Services
PP-AE Physical Plant: Architectural and Engineering Services
PP-ALL Physical Plant: All employees
PP-ARCHITECTURAL Physical Plant: Architectural Services
PP-BANNATYNE Physical Plant: Bannatyne Campus
PP-ENGINEERING Physical Plant: Engineering Services
PP-GEN-SERV Physical Plant: General Services
PP-MANAGERS Physical Plant: Managers Group
PP-OFFICE Physical Plant: Office Staff
PP-POWERHOUSE-TRADES Physical Plant: Powerhouse and Trade Services
PP-SPC Physical Plant: Single Point of Contact
Prep-studies-students [no description available]
Prep-studies-teachers [no description available]
priv-sys-contract-vendors Systems Contract Vendors
Psych-leboelab [no description available]
PSYCHIATRY-PGE Psychiatry - Post Graduate Education Inquiries
Ptc-full [no description available]
Ptc-primary [no description available]
Purchasing-Services This list will be used to contact departments to inform them of issues with vendors/suppliers or any other purchasing related information.
Recreation-Services-Programs Recreation Services past and current programs participants
Red-Lion Red Lion
RedDot-Users [no description available]
RefWorks-Users RefWorks Users
rep-all Research and International
rep-ors-all Office of Research Services
Research-support UofM Research Computing Support
Riddell-faculty-adjunct UM Riddell Faculty adjunct
Riddell-Faculty-Alumni UM Riddell Faculty Alumni
Riddell-faculty-graduate-students UM Riddell Faculty graduate students
Riddell-faculty-support-staff UM Riddell Faculty support
Riddell-faculty-teaching-staff UM Riddell Faculty teaching staff
Riddell-faculty-undergraduate-students UM Riddell Faculty undergraduate students
Riddell-Physical-Sciences-Grantees The list contains the email address of all UM Riddell Faculty physical science research staff updated quarterly
Riddell-Social-Sciences-Grantees The list contains the email address of all UM Riddell Faculty social science grantees updated quarterly
rm-ehs-ALL Risk Management: Environmental Health and Safety
RO-Teaching-Staff RO distribution list of teaching staff
Robotics-Execs UM Robotics Association Executives
Robotics-Members UM Robotics Association Members
RobsonHall [no description available]
School-of-Art-Gallery [no description available]
Sci-eng-women Women in science and engineering at UofM
SCIENCE-ACADEMICS Science: Academics
SCIENCE-ALL Science: All
Science-biosci-adjunct Science: Biology
Science-biosci-council [no description available]
Science-biosci-seminars [no description available]
Science-chemistry-grad-student [no description available]
Science-chemistry-grad-students Chemistry Graduate Students
Science-chemistry-posting [no description available]
Science-chemistry-retired [no description available]
Science-cnc [no description available]
SCIENCE-DEANSOFFICE Science: Dean's Office
SCIENCE-IIMS Science: Institure of Industrial Mathematical Science
Science-indigenization-all [no description available]
Science-indigenization-alumni [no description available]
Science-indigenization-communication [no description available]
Science-indigenization-coordinating [no description available]
Science-indigenization-curriculum-education [no description available]
Science-indigenization-outreach [no description available]
Science-indigenization-research-graduate-opportunities [no description available]
SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS-ACADEMICS Science: Mathematics: Academics
SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS-ALL Science: Mathematics: All
SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS-SUPSTAFF Science: Mathematics: Support Staff
SCIENCE-OTHERS Science: Senior Scholars and retired academic staff
Science-Rendezvous Organizers of Science Rendezvous
SCIENCE-SUPSTAFF Science: Support Staff
service-desk Shared email list for the Shared Services Service Desk.
Shakingthetree-mediacontactlist Shaking The Tree Media Contact List
Shakingthetree-organizing shaking the tree class discussion
SHRIMP-NORTH Shrimp North List
Sig-ccl-stakeholders [no description available]
SIG-FTED UTS Faculty Teaching
SIG-Kaspersky Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Administration Kit
Sig-winserv-sysops Windows Server Issues
Sipinski-test [no description available]
Sis-core-team SIS Core Implementation Team
SJC-Development-EMail-List Contact info of Alumni and friends of the College
slam-members Sri Lanka Association of Manitoba
SOA-Alumni School of Art Alumni
SoA-Friends [no description available]
SoA-GalleryFriends [no description available]
SoA-Honours School of Arts - Honour Students
Soa-mb-teachers [no description available]
Soart-faculty-council SoART - School Council
SocialWork-Alumni Social Work Alumni List
socialwork-bsw-all [no description available]
Socialwork-BSWcommittee [no description available]
Socialwork-de-sessionals [no description available]
SOCIALWORK-FG-ACADEMICS Social Work: Fort Garry: Faculty
Socialwork-fg-sessionals [no description available]
SOCIALWORK-FG-SUPSTAFF Social Work: Fort Garry: Support Staff
Socialwork-GradProgcommittee [no description available]
Socialwork-IndividualandFamilyCluster Social Work - Individual & Family Cluster Mailing List
Socialwork-mezzoCluster Social Work - Mezzo Cluster Mailing List
Socialwork-mswgrads [no description available]
Socialwork-MSWStudents [no description available]
Socialwork-nswp Northern Social Work Program
Socialwork-nswp-alumni [no description available]
Socialwork-nswp-students [no description available]
Socialwork-PhDcommittee [no description available]
Socialwork-PhDStudents [no description available]
Socialwork-PolicyAdminCluster Policy Admin Cluster Mailing List
Socialwork-PreMSWStudents [no description available]
Socialwork-ResearchCluster Social Work - Research Cluster Mailing List
SOCIALWORK-SUPSTAFF Social Work: Support Staff
SOCIALWORK-THOMPSON-ALL Social Work: Thompson: All
SOCIALWORK-THOMPSON-SUPSTAFF Social Work: Thompson: Support Staff
SOCIALWORK-WEC-SUPSTAFF Social Work: Winnipeg Education Centre: Support Staff
Software-origin Origin Licensed Software - November 2007
SoilScience-Gradstudents a list to allow communication and announcements between graduate students in the dept. of soil science
spc-1yr-aug-2013-14 St. Paul's College - First year students - 2013-14
spc-1yr-july-2013-14 St. Paul's College - First year students - 2013-14
SPC-ACADEMICS St. Paul's College Academics
SPC-ALL St. Paul's College
spc-applicant-list-may20 St. Paul's College - Applicant List May 20
SPC-FirstYearStudents-2012-13 St. Paul's College - First year students - 2012-13
SPC-GradStudents-March-2014 St. Paul's College - Graduate Students March 2014
SPC-Nominal-Roll-Feb-2014 St. Paul's College - Nominal Roll February 2014
SPC-OTHER St. Paul's College
SPC-Students-2012-13 St. Paul's College - All Students - 2012-13
SPC-Students-2014-15-Winter St. Paul's College - 2014-15 Winter Students
SPC-SUPSTAFF St. Paul's College Support Staff
spc-u1-list-june-1-2014 St. Paul's College - Applicant List June 1
St-affairs-admissions-all Admissions Department - all employees
St-affairs-asc-all Aboriginal Student Centre - all employees
St-affairs-ces-all Career and Employment Services - all employees
St-affairs-chaplains-all Chaplains - all employees
St-affairs-cosa Council of Student Affairs
St-affairs-disabilityservices-all Disability Services - all employees
St-affairs-elc-all English Language Centre - all employees
St-affairs-enrolment-all Enrolment Services - all employees
St-affairs-financialaid-all Financial Aid & Awards - all employees
St-affairs-ics-all International Centre for Students - all employees
St-affairs-playcare-all Playcare - all employees
St-affairs-recruitment-all Student Recruitment - all employees
St-affairs-registrar-all Registrar's Office - all employees
St-affairs-registrar-convocation [no description available]
St-affairs-registrar-exams [no description available]
St-affairs-registrar-publications [no description available]
St-affairs-registrar-studentsupport [no description available]
St-affairs-registrar-systems [no description available]
St-affairs-scc-all [no description available]
St-affairs-st-advocacy-resourceservices-all [no description available]
St-affairs-st-services-all [no description available]
St-affairs-studentadvocacy [no description available]
St-affairs-supstaff [no description available]
St-affairs-uhs-all [no description available]
Student-run-clinic-general This will be a mailing list for the student-run health clinic that is being established at the U of M.
Student-Weekly Sign up to receive all three versions of the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Fort Garry/undergraduate, Bannatyne/undergraduate and graduate)
Student-Weekly-Bannatyne Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Bannatyne/undergraduate version)
Student-Weekly-Fort-Garry Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (Fort Garry/undergraduate version)
Student-weekly-graduate Sign up to receive the U of M's Student Weekly enewsletter (graduate version)
SUPER-CIRC Libraries: Circulation Supervisors
svr-adminbldg-all Everyone in ADMINBLDG
svr-adminbldg-wgms ADMINBLDG Work Group Managers
Sw-request [no description available]
Sw-unix IST ACN Unix Software Announcements
TALK-PSYCHOLOGY Discussion forum for students of Psychology
Talking-bisons [no description available]
Teaching-Staff [no description available]
Test-list [no description available]
Test-list-2 [no description available]
Theatreprog-friends Black Hole Theatre Co. Show and Event Info
THEORETICAL-ECOLOGY Theoretical Ecology List
THERMALSTRESS-LIST Thermal Stress and Health
TRACK-IT IST Track-IT Discussion
U-CLUBMEMBERS Mailings to University Club members
U1-Leaving [no description available]
UCollege-Discussion University College Academic and Support Staff Discussion List
Ucollege-faculty [no description available]
Ucollege-staff [no description available]
Ug-admissionsprocessing UG Admissions Processing
UILO-INFO-BULLETIN University Industry Liaison Office Information Bulletin
UM-Anthro [no description available]
UM-BEd-Collaborating-Teachers [no description available]
UM-CODEWARRIOR-ISSUES U. of M personnell interested in Metrowerks CodeWarrior
um-compureps U of M IT Support Reps Mailing List
Um-compureps-ihave UofM CompuReps equipment request/availability list
UM-international Discussion group on internationalization initiatives at the UM
um-law-copyright Copyright Law, 45.398 Section LO9
UM-MASTERS Toastmasters Club for communication and leadership
UM-MSA University of Manitoba Muslim Students Association
Um-navs [no description available]
UM-Network-Users-D U of M Microcomputer Coordinators Network Discussion List
Umac-exec University of Manitoba Actuarial Club Executive
Uman-athletics Aurora Student Information System
UMBOOKSTORE-ALL [no description available]
Umcssa-list Chinese Student and Scholar Association Information List
UMDEI-L Distance Education Instructors List
Umec-members University of Manitoba Entrepreneurs' Club
UMES-Alumni UMES Alumni Mailing List
UMES-Exec UMES Council Executive Mailing List
UMES-Grad-Info Information about Engineering Graduation Events
UMES-info Email link for the University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES)
UMES-List UMES Council Mailing List
umes-studentgroup-pres Email link for Engineering student group presidents
UMES-Volunteers Mailing list for UMES Volunteers
UMHSL-AHEAD A current awareness alert
Umlaw-special [no description available]
Umsats-payload UMSATS - Payload Team
UMSATS-SpaceApps NASA Space Apps Challenge - Manitoba
UMSATS-Updates UMSATS - T-Sat Project Updates
umwef-org University of Manitoba Water Environment Federation, Student Chapter
UNESCO-Colab Collaborating writing team for UNESCO handbook
UNEVOC-CLN Community Learning Network
UNEVOC-NAC UNEVOC-Canada National Advisory Committee
Uniface-L Uniface User Group Discussion Forum
UOFMALUMNI-EMAILFORLIFEMEMBERS Members of the E-Mail for Life Alumni Directory
Upsa-list Undergraduate Psychology Students' Association
URI-Advancement Department of Advancement Staff
uri-all University Relations And Information
uri-alumni-all Alumni Association
URI-Development Department of Development Staff
Uri-developmentfortgarry Development Staff on Fort Garry Campus
URI-DR-ALL Donor Relations
Uri-fyi-additions [no description available]
Uri-on-manitoba-email-only [no description available]
URI-PF-ALL Private Funding
Visa-airline-booking-card-cardholders [no description available]
Visa-purchasing-card-cardholders [no description available]
Vm-admins Virtual machine administrators list
Warehouse-journal annual faculty of architecture student journal
Wglfs-l Reel Pride Community List
Winserv-team deprecated, please use IST-CNS-Winserv-team
Women-self-defense-rad THE R.A.D. SYSTEMS OF SELF DEFENSE
Workgroup-managers-admin [no description available]
WSH-Committee-FTG Workplace Safety and Health Committee (Fort Garry)
WUSC-list WUSC - World University Service of Canada: Announcements
Wusc-planning-list WUSC - World University Service of Canada: Planning
WWUUG-BOARD World-Wide UNIFACE User Group Board

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