[EpiData-list] query re: exporting to excel and then using pivot tables

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Mon Oct 9 12:36:04 CDT 2006

Hello everyone...I do appreciate this forum.
I have exported to excel a db with data from 140 questionnaires. The
export worked fine, other than when I create a pivot table, the colums
in the pivot appear to add themselves. I have never seen this before
when using pivot tables so Im assuming its related to the EpiData
That is to say...
In EXCEL, on a 2X2 pivot table where Im looking at gender, 'male = 1'
and 'female = 2' for data entry. If there are 11 'females' that should
be represented in a box, it gives '22'...I assume somewhere the 11
females are being summed (2 X 11).
I hope this is clear. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks you 

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