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Mon Oct 23 17:25:45 CDT 2006

Shavinder Singh has made some comments which are welcomed, but also 
necessitates some clarifications.

The document put on the testing.php page is NOT a list of commands. It 
is a somewhat internal technical
document created with the intent to write an overview of which options 
will be in which commands.

The reference to the commands is the same as  users from version 1.0 of 
EpiData Analysis.

Regarding the comments on dates I will only add that maybe we should 
change the name of date functions
from                        to
year(datevariable)           yearval(datevariable)
day(datevariable)            dayval(datevariable)
month(datevariable)        monthval(datevariable)

since now there is a conflict with variable names date, year and month, 
which users often will use.
Also we should implement some sort of warning to users when they use for 
a variable name
an internal name. E.g. neither of "or and if" will ever work as a 
variable name


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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