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Tue Oct 24 16:43:54 CDT 2006

  Help: copying graphs/tables from Epidata into word

For graphs it is quite easy:
After creating a graph a copy is always placed on the clipboard, so:
1. create a graph - and make sure it is visible in the output window 
(close edit graph if you requested edit).
2. start wordprocessor, drawing programme, presentation programme etc.
3. press ctrl+v - and the graph is copied into the current open programme.

If your pc is not too old you can have EpiData Analysis and the word 
processor open at the same time and switch btw. them by pressing alt+tab 

Regarding tables:
Is the development now such that default copying (ctrl+c) should be html 
formatted rather than text formatted ?
Now: Shift+Ctrl+C: html  formatted. Ctrl+C: tab delimited copying.

We are experimenting with a "mouse over" effect, such that if the mouse 
is over a table or graph in output, then it would be nice that 
"right-click" would enable "copy table" or  "copy graph".


Jens lauritsen
EpiData Association

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