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Thu Nov 16 11:58:31 CST 2006


This is the first time I have attempted to use this product.  Any insight
into the cause of this problem is much appreciated!

I am trying to read a .csv file using EpiData Analysis.  The .csv file has
128 fields in it.  The first row contains column headings (8 Chars Long).
None of the fields contain data over 64 chars long.

When I click "Read Data" and select the .csv file to read, I get this error

Data in field Hospital, record 206 exceed maximum length
Access violation at address 00732A30 in module 'EpiDataStat.exe'. Read of
address 0000000C
Operation aborted

The data in field Hospital, record 206 is only 36 characters.  I have found
that if I truncate that field to 18 characters, then EpiData Analysis will
read that record successfully.

I get the same error on other fields within my .csv file and again, if I
truncate the data within those fields to 18 characters, then EpiData
Analysis will read the entire file successfully.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Keith Higginbotham
Computer Systems Center
Alabama Dept of Public Health

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