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Sat Feb 6 04:06:00 CST 2021


For training, I'm trying to understand the new version of "Analysis". 


A few comments : 


- The command "freq var ! r;" (as shown in the guide) doesn't work, but
"freq var ! pr" is OK.

   Strictly speaking and on the educational plan, the percentages presented
with "freq" are in columns : "freq var ! c;" or "freq var ! pc;" would be
more logical.


- To select a part of the file, I noted, (as an example for a frequency) the
command "select (var1 <3) do freq var2 ! pr;". 

   Should we repeat with each command "select (var1 <3) do"? 

   Is there a way, like the old "select", to select part of the file for
further commands? 


- The command (example) "select (var1 = 3) do var1: = 2;" is quite
complicated compared to that "if ... then ...." 


- How to create a new numeric variable with 3 digits and 2 decimal places?
As in the old "define var ###. ##"? 


- When will the "regress" commands and the graph commands (including scatter
with a regression line as in the old "Epi-Info" ...? 


Thank you for your help.


Bernard BRANGER - 44000 NANTES - France

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