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Mon Jul 12 03:53:15 CDT 2021

 Johanna reported how she solved the issue. It is an increasing concern that Windows and Mac pose demands on certificates etc. During the autumn we will put more efforts into that. 
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Jens Lauritsen 

I tried to install EpiData version on a brand new Windows 10 Home computer using the All-in-one Installer but it did not work. 
I downloaded the All-in-one Installer, then clicked the exe file and chose to only install the Manager and EntryClient but the programmes did not open.
 I ran into the same problem using the zipped exe Windows 64bit for the Manager and EntryClient. Turning off Norton Antivirus programme did not help. When clicking the exe file Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented me from opening the program.
 Despite clicking “run anyway”, the program did not open and when clicking the exe file again it still did not open.
 When I looked through the error messages in the Event Viewer the faulting program seemed to be libeay32.dll that is installed with EpiData.
 I tried to use another libeay32.dll program from my old computer that I knew worked, but this also did not help.

 The problem was solved when I instead installed the 32bit Manager and EntryClient as zipped exe files. Windows defender still warned me of using the programmes. It specified that there is inconclusive information about if the programmes are safe to download due to that fewer than five people had downloaded them. 

But, when I clicked “run anyway” and then clicked the exe file again, the programmes were opened.  


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