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Mon Jan 3 07:58:42 CST 2022

Have you tried using the .REC file from 1) with the .CHK file from 2)?

Normally, I would have done pretty much the same as you, but like this:

Use the windows command line to copy files, in this order.
copy ru21.qes ru22.qes
Run EpiData to create ru22.rec from ru22.qes
copy ru21.chk ru22.chk


> On Jan 3, 2022, at 4:19 AM, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
> 1) The other years I went in RU21.CHK and renamed it RU22.CHK and it worked
> When I do this now, I have 3 pages of errors on CHK (which is exactly the same which works with RU21) quite impossible to correct
> 2) SECOND OPTION: I went on  Epidata analysis and created without any problem RU22.rec Through the procedure
> SAVEDATA c:\data\RU22.REC.  with an automatic transfer of the RU21.CHK to RU22.CHK

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