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Estimados celestinistas,

Acaba de aparecer A Companion to Celestina, ed. Enrique Fernandez  (Brill and The Renaissance Society of America: Leiden, 2017), 429 pp.

Contiene 23 contribuciones en inglés por especialistas en las diferentes áreas del estudio de La Celestina.
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Adjunto aquí el índice del libro:

1 The Significance of Celestina
Joseph T. Snow
Text, Origins and Sources
2 The Early Editions and the Authorship of Celestina
José Luis Canet
3 The Poetics of Voice, the Performance, and the Meaning of Celestina
Gustavo Illades Aguiar
4 Quotation, Plagiarism, Allusion, and Reminiscence: Intertextuality in Celestina
Amaranta Saguar García
5 Theater Without a Stage: Celestina and the Humanistic Comedy
Devid Paolini
6 Celestina in the Context of Fifteenth-Century Castilian Vernacular Humanism
José Luis Gastañaga Ponce de León
7 Minerva's Dog and Other Problematic Points in Celestina's Text
Fernando Cantalapiedra Erostarbe
8 Calisto and Leriano in Love
Ivy A. Corfis
Themes and Readings
9 The Story of Hero and Leander: A Possible Unknown Source of Celestina
Bienvenido Morros Mestres
10 "Aquellos antigos libros": Approaches to Parody in Celestina
Ryan D. Giles
11 Risky Business: The Politics of Prostitution in Celestina
Enriqueta Zafra
12 A Guidebook for Two Cities: The Physical and the Political Urban Space in Celestina
Raúl Álvarez-Moreno
13 Magic in Celestina 205
Patrizia Botta
14 Lovesickness and the Problematical Text of Celestina, Act 1
Ricardo Castells
15 Jesus and Mary, Christian Prayer, and the Saints in Celestina
Manuel da Costa Fontes
16 Eating, Drinking, and Consuming in the Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea
Connie L. Scarborough
Influence and Posterity
17 Modernity and Celestina: The Future of Our Past and of Our Present
Antonio Pérez-Romero
18 Celestina as a Precursor to the Picaresque
Ted L. Bergman
19 Early Responses to Celestina: Translations and Commentary
Kathleen V. Kish
20 Celestina's Continuations, Adaptations, and Influences
Consolación Baranda
21 Celestina and Agustín Arrieta's China Poblana: Mexico's Female Icon Revisited
Beatriz de Alba-Koch
22 The Images of Celestina and Its Visual Culture
Enrique Fernandez
23 Celestina in Film and Television
Yolanda Iglesias
Electronic Resources, Editions, and Select Bibliography

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