Where to make use of enhanced routes

IF city council concurs, the following street sections will serve as enhanced summer cycling routes during a pilot program this year:

 Lyndale Drive: Cromwell to Gauvin streets

 Scotia Street: Anderson (at St. Cross Street) to Armstrong avenues (Sundays, holidays only)

 Wellington Crescent: Academy Road (at Wellington Crescent) to Guelph Street

 Wolseley Avenue: Raglan Road to Maryland Street

 Churchill Drive: Hay Street to Jubilee Avenue

 Egerton Road: Bank to Morier avenues

 Kildonan Drive: Helmsdale Avenue to Irving Place

 Kilkenny Drive/Kings Drive: Burgess to Patricia avenues

 Rover Avenue — Hallet to Stephens streets (Sundays, holidays only)

 Alexander Avenue: Arlington to Princess streets 

 Ravelston Avenue: Wayoata to Brewster streets

 Linwood Street: Portage to Silver avenues

 Harbison Avenue West: Henderson Highway to its eastern end 

 Rose Lake Court surrounding Rose Lake Green 

 Assiniboine Avenue: Ferry to Winston roads

 Wellington Avenue: Maryland to Strathcona streets (Sundays, holidays only)

 Youville Street: Eugenie Street to Haig Avenue (Sunday, holidays only, once construction of Des Meurons Street is completed)