Word on the street

THE following have been identified as locations where some form of crossing control is warranted. A pedestrian corridor has overhead flashing beacons, a pedestrian half signal involves erecting a traffic light and an RRFB is a rectangular rapid flashing beacon.

 Burrows Avenue at Lawrence Street (pedestrian corridor)

 Corydon Avenue at Edgeland Boulevard (pedestrian corridor)

 Dakota Street at Dakota Community Centre (pedestrian half signal)

 Des Meurons Street at Horace Street (RRFB)

 Devonshire Drive at Tommy Douglas Drive (RRFB)

 Gateway Road at Furniture Park (RRFB)

 Grant Avenue at Lilac Street (pedestrian half signal)

 Lakewood Boulevard at Meadowbrook Road (RRFB)

 Lindenwood Drive E near Lindenwood Drive W (RRFB)

 Lindenwood Drive W at Wallingford Crescent (pedestrian corridor)

 Logan Avenue at Winks Street (pedestrian half signal)

 Main Street at Church Avenue (south side) (pedestrian half signal)

 McGillivray Boulevard at Front Street (pedestrian half signal)

 Pembina Highway at Newdale Avenue (pedestrian half signal) 

 Portage Avenue at Rita Street (pedestrian half signal) 

 Regent Avenue West at Winona Street (pedestrian corridor) 

 River Avenue at Scott Street (RRFB) 

 River Avenue at Lewis Street (RRFB) 

 Roblin Boulevard at Municipal Road (pedestrian half signal) 

 Roblin Boulevard at the zoo entrance (pedestrian half signal) 

 Rorie Street at McDermot Avenue (RRFB) 

 St. Mary’s Road at Crystal Avenue (traffic signal) 

 St. Mary’s Road at Hastings Boulevard (pedestrian half signal) 

 St. Mary’s Road South at St. Vital Trail (pedestrian half signal) 

 Stradbrook Avenue at Scott Street (RRFB) 

 Wellington Crescent at Kingsway (RRFB) 

 Wellington Crescent (southbound) between River and Stradbrook avenues (RRFB) 

 Wellington Crescent northbound exit to Stradbrook Avenue (RRFB)