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Starting in January 2016, Councillor Janice Lukes, chair of the City's Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works, will be hosting a series of six casual conversations about transportation in Winnipeg. 

Taking place over the lunch hour on the third Thursday of each month at The Forks, these 'Transportation Conversations with the Chair' will focus on relevant topics in Winnipeg. Bring/buy your own lunch and pull up a chair at Centre Food Court to talk transportation!

Transportation Conversations with the Chair of Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works

LOCATION:  The Forks, Centre Food Court

TIME: 12-1pm  (BYOL – Buy/Bring Your Own Lunch!)

DATE:  3rd Thursday of the month


  • January 21 – Winter Maintenance of Active Transportation Infrastructure
  • February 18 – Transit and Rapid Transit
  • March 17 – Road Projects in 2016 Budget
  • April 21 – Active Transportation Infrastructure in 2016 Budget
  • May 19 – Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies Moving Forward
  • June 16 – City of Winnipeg Transportation Master Plan 5-Year Update