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How does AT fit with Manitoba's Policy for Recreation Opportunities?

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You can fill out a brief (8 question) survey at the link below.


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As  you are aware , our partners at Recreation and Regional Services are undertaking a review of the Provincial Recreation Policy.  They have held 13 consultations with various stakeholders throughout the province but would also like to reach out to others including the general public.  Could you please share this information about a short survey with your various networks.  Thanks and have a great weekend!



The Department of Children and Youth Opportunities is undertaking a review and update of Manitoba’s Policy for Recreation Opportunities.  This review will help the provincial government establish effective priorities that reflect the changing face of recreation across the province and identify opportunities for partnerships and shared collaborative efforts.   

A public survey is a key component of the review of Manitoba’s Policy for Recreation Opportunities.  Your input will help us determine the Province’s role in supporting the unique recreation needs of Manitobans.  Please take a few minutes to answer these 8 questions.

For more information about the Provincial Recreation Policy Review please visit:






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