Vancouver has some impressive cycling numbers:


According to the October 30 Vancouver Metro,


Vancouver is a tour de force when it comes to cycling in the region.

According to new bike use statistics released by TransLink for Bike to Work Week Monday, 12.1 of every 100 trips taken in the City of Vancouver are now on bicycle.

Behind the pace setter, Richmond leads a tightly packed peloton with a much lower rate of 3.1 trips per 100.

“The numbers seem very impressive,” said Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs. “We did what everybody said we needed to do to make it work, and that’s build safe cycling infrastructure.”

Vancouver has more than 400 kilometres of bike lanes, about 10 of which are separated.

That number is expected to grow substantially as the city hopes to make cycling, walking or public transit account for two thirds of all trips in the city.

Those modes accounted for 40 per cent of trips in 2008.

Transportation 2040 Plan, which outlines those goals and strategies, will be presented to city council Tuesday morning.


Overall, TransLink says the number of bike-only trips in the region have increased 26 per cent between 2008 and 2011, 106,500 trips from 84,300.

In Vancouver, the amount of trips increased 35 per cent during the same period, 55 per cent of which were to and from work.


Interestingly, men make up the vast majority of cyclists – 71 per cent.

TransLink’s vision, outlined in the Regional Cycling Strategy, is a 10 per cent cycling mode share by 2040.

Its mode share is currently the highest recorded, at 1.8 per cent of all trips.