(Just a friendly reminder to sign up today if you are interested in attending either session 1 or 2!)

Creative Commuting Ambassador Training I

You are invited to a FREE, half-day interactive workshop on becoming a Creative Commuting Ambassador at your workplace! Get the tools and guidance to help improve commuter options on-site and support your coworkers to get the most out of their commutes.

Hands-on training and resources you'll get at the workshop:

  • An evaluation of your workplace's existing commuter options
  • A folder filled with tools and resources relevant to your workplace
  • Ideas for a simple project to apply these tools and resources right away

Workshop date: Thursday, November 1st, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Workshop location
: EcoCentre boardroom (3rd floor, 303 Portage Ave)

Creative Commuting Ambassador Training II: Behaviour Change

Do you want to sing the praises of creative commuting with your co-workers, but no one seems to be listening? This FREE, interactive half-day training session is for you! Explore the many facets of behaviour change from a social marketing, transitions, and systems perspective. Walk away with some strategies you can apply to create a more commuter friendly and active workplace.

Hands-on training and resources you’ll get at the workshop:

Workshop date: Thursday, November 8th, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Workshop location: EcoCentre boardroom (3rd floor, 303 Portage Ave)

Register today by contacting Jessie Klassen at 925-3772 or jessie@greenactioncentre.ca.

Jessie Klassen | Workplace Commuter Options

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