Dear Awards Contacts:


The results of the following 2015-2016 Tri-Council competitions have been released to Awards Officers and Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of eligible institutions:


-        Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR CGSM)

-        NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships Doctoral (PGSD) and Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral (CGSD)

-        Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR CGSD)


I will email Departments/Units a copy of the letter sent to successful applicants (includes details of the award), shortly. The correspondence will also identify recommended UMGF applicants who are deemed ineligible for the UMGF due to their success in the Tri-Council competition. If your students fall under this category, please forward another applicant as a replacement


Per Tri-Council’s mandate, “please note that no public announcement of the award(s) can be made prior to the official announcement of the results by the Government of Canada (any public statements or press releases). Universities will be provided with the details on the announcement when confirmed.


If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you




Rowena Krentz | Awards Officer | Faculty of Graduate Studies

University of Manitoba | Rm 500 University Centre

Winnipeg, MB Canada | R3T 2N2

Phone: (204) 474-9836 | Fax: (204) 474-7553


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