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Subject: MIMO and beamforming basics for 5G research
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5G NR Basics: MIMO and Beamforming

5G NR Basics: MIMO and Beamforming

Hi Mount First,

Characterizing a 5G NR device at mmWave frequencies is no easy task. You can overcome these challenges with a strong foundation based on the right knowledge and tools. Through a series of white papers, our experts provide insights to help you and your students address 5G NR challenges in your research and in the industry.  

In the white paper Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges: MIMO and Beamforming our experts cover MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output), beam steering, and beamforming, which are the most talked about technologies in 5G. They are essential to deliver 100x the data rates and 1000x the capacity goals specified in the IMT-2020 vision.


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