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Subject: Are your students 5G industry-ready?
Date: September 16, 2019 at 10:10:29 AM CDT
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Prepare your students for the 5G wave

Prepare Your Students for the 5G Wave

Hi Mount First,

The 5G wave is moving fast. The industry needs engineering graduates who are ready to contribute from day one. You can ensure your students are industry-ready by integrating the new Keysight RF Microwave Teaching Solution into your curriculum.

Keysight’s RF Microwave Teaching Solution gives your students a complete design experience that prepares them for applications like designing a 5G New Radio receiver. Students get to use industry-leading EDA software to design and simulate RF components. They also learn how to characterize and validate RF components with actual test and measurement instruments in use today.

Take the first step to make sure your students are industry ready. Download the RF Microwave Lab Courseware now.


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