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Hello Mount-First, 
Today, many designers are not using simulation early enough or often enough in the design process. This opens the door for defect escapes that may not be uncovered until late in the design process when correction costs are highest. Those who do use simulation are generally relegated to an outside “point tool” with a different user interface, data model, and little integration, which can lead to which an increase the likelihood of errors due to missing or out of date design or model information. 
Verify As You Design With Altium Designer® In-Schematic Simulation Capability
Date: April 7th, 10:00 am PDT 
Whether you’re creating a new circuit design or trying to determine whether a substitute for an out-of-stock component will function properly in your existing design, simulation can be a vital, time-saving tool. Join this month’s webinar and see firsthand how simulation helps you easily verify that your finished project functions as intended. In addition to reviewing the the Altium Designer in-schematic circuit simulation workflow, we will cover adding simulation models, as well as viewing and analyzing results. 
Enhance Circuit Performance with Altium Designer Advanced Simulation and Waveform Analysis
Date: April 21st, 10:00 am PDT 
Every design has specific characteristics. You must consider the “care-abouts” and “what-ifs” of your circuit to achieve a high-performing, functional product. By quickly applying mathematical functions, or defining measurements from your waveforms, you can determine how to further enhance your circuit performance. Join our webinar this month and see for yourself how the advanced simulation analysis tools in Altium Designer can make your design-life easier. 
Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) Report
The latest Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) report is now available! This free, monthly report provides a detailed picture of global part availability and stock over time. Make smarter buying decisions and anticipate supply chain problems before they derail your go-to-market st 
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