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Available On Demand

The inaugural Keysight World Americas 2019 brought industry & technology experts together to discuss engineering challenges around 5G, Automotive, Networking, and Security.

All sessions were recorded so that you can binge watch at your leisure.   Enjoy!
5G New Radio Standards, Trends, and Opportunities
5G NR Real World Performance
5G New Radio (NR) Release 15/16 Standards 
5G Network Equipment, Device Standards, and Conformance Tests
5G Over-the-Air Test: Implications and Solutions
5G Data Throughput Challenges

Realize Your Vision of Mobility Faster
Making the Power Connection: Energy Storage, EV and the Grid
Bring Safety and Innovation to Autonomous Vehicles
Bring Breakthrough Electric Vehicle Innovations to Market Faster
Automotive Ethernet to Become the Backbone of the Connected Car
Advanced Automotive Radar Test Solutions
Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications

Data Center and Optical Network Innovation: Enabling 5G
Data Access Technology Trends and Impacts
400G: Looking Forward to 800G and Terabit Speeds
Evolution of High-Speed Server and Computing Interfaces 
PCI Express 5.0: Full Speed Ahead
Master Next-Generation DRAM: DDR5 and LPDDR5
A Practical Guide to Signal Integrity in Hyperscale Networks 

Breakthroughs in Wideband Millimeter-wave Power Amplifier Test 
Wideband Modulated Source: Distortion and Correction 
Advanced Millimeter Wave Component Characterization
High Power Insights with Hot S22 and Active S-Parameters
Multi-channel Test Methods for Phased Array Antennas
OTA Noise Figure of Phased-Array and Active Antennas 
Optimizing EVM Performance Versus Power Level

IT Trends That Will Affect You in 2019
Shift Happens—Make New IT Changes Work for You
Respond to the Shift from Cloud Computing to Edge Computing 
TLS 1.3 Will Affect Your Whole Network
SD-WAN – The Next Phase of SDN?
Cybersecurity Panel Discussion 

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