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From: Wolfram U Special Events <training@wolfram.com>
Subject: Free webinar today: Working with Data in the Wolfram Language
Date: November 15, 2017 at 10:37:27 AM CST
To: <mtfirst@ad.umanitoba.ca>

Get started using built-in and imported data in the Wolfram

Today's webinar includes instruction in getting started with
Mathematica and the Wolfram Language and features topics on:
* Computational public relations and marketing
* Food and nutrition, including ingredient lists, PLU codes and more
* Personalized marathon analyses, including a race animation

Free Online Event
A Beginner's Guide to Working with Data in the Wolfram Language
Wednesday, November 15, 2pm-3:30pm US EST (7pm-8:30pm GMT)

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recording is available.

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