Dear CAHRI Members,


I hope this finds you well!


Iím writing as the lead on an edited volume titled Human Rights 101: Human Rights in Canada and Internationally, which will be published by Emond Publishing in February 2026.


Iím seeking authors to contribute to contribute one or more chapters in the edited volume. As heads of your respective human rights institutes, Iím turning to you to ask whether you have faculty to recommend for me to approach for specific chapters, given your insight into their expertise. Enclosed is the table of contents for your interest.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could please respond to me with any recommendations by Friday, August 11, 2023.


As part of a larger project, I believe there is value in having a CAHRI directory of human rights experts from our institutes across Canada to which we would all have access to help foster similar opportunities for collaboration. Iím happy to take the lead on compiling this and ask the heads of human rights institutes to please complete the form below. Youíre welcome to respond directly using that form or in a Word version enclosed for ease of reference / to streamline formatting if you prefer.


Name of Research Institute

Name of Researcher

Researcher Title

Areas of Expertise




















Kind thanks,