Dear all,


Thank you to those who were able to join us this afternoon. Here is a short summary of the main points we discussed and next steps:

-          Canadian Human Rights Yearbook: This publication was relaunched by HRREC at uOttawa a couple of years ago and John Packer proposed it as a possible publication vehicle for our group. He will send more details about an invitation to appoint a member of each of our institutions to the editorial board of the journal and ways in which we can collaborate going forward.

-          CAHRI web page: the group agreed to add information about special programs/courses/summer schools organized by our institutions. In order to do so, please send the name of the activity with a link to Christina Szurlej who hosts the page. In order to raise awareness about CAHRI, we commit to post information about the group and the page a few times a year on our own social media platforms.

-          Listserv and sharing information: the group agreed to share information about upcoming events and special programs, job opportunities/internships/scholarships/etc. through the listserv to facilitate the promotion in our own communities. Invitations to sign petitions or letters can be shared on the listserv but institutions will decide according to their own policies. Members are asked to share only a limited number of such petitions every year. Joint actions on key files of national importance can be considered.

-          Discounted rates for CAHRI members: members can consider offering discounts to other CAHRI institutional representatives, if appropriate.


We look forward to reading about your news and updates.

Best wishes,




Viviana Fernandez

Directrice adjointe | Assistant Director
Centre de recherche et d’enseignement sur les droits de la personne |

Human Rights Research and Education Centre
Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa
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