Thanks to everyone for resolving their year-end outstanding tickets in the LibAnswers queue.

Remember that if a ticket arrives in LIbAnswers during your LibChat shift, you are responsible for answering the question within the ticket and seeing it through to closure or transfer to someone who can answer it.

If you are waiting to hear back from a patron, set the ticket status to PENDING.

If a patron replies to a closed ticket, the ticket will reactivate and return to the LibAnswers queue and the original ticket owner will receive an e-mail notification from LibAnswers that a ticket requires their attention.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and Happy New Year!
VR Coordinator

Bill Poluha | Librarian, Sciences and Technology Library | University of Manitoba | 204.293.5635 

Liaison for: AstronomyPhysics, and Statistics