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Subject: 2017-2018 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Competition


Dear Colleagues,


Please be advised that the online application form for the 2017-2018 Vanier CGS Competition is now open in Research Net. Kindly distribute this information to potential Ph.D. students and refer them to the FGS Awards Database for additional information:  Please be reminded that this Tri-Council award is open to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents and International Students.


There are few new items to note for the award:



  1. September 15, 2017
    1. Students must submit transcripts to the Faculty of Graduate Studies by this deadline
    2. A Nomination Letter from the Department Head must be submitted to our office by this deadline. The Nomination letter must include the following information:

                                               i.          Rationale for the choice of candidate:

o   Highlight the factors used to determine why the student is deserving of a Vanier CGS. Clearly articulate the excellence of the candidate according to the three selection criteria: academic excellence, research potential and leadership (potential and demonstrated ability). Ensure that the letters focus on leadership potential and demonstrated abilities.

                                              ii.          Research training environment:

o   Elaborate on the appropriateness of the supervisor in terms of resources, funding, publications, their research and training environment. Elaborate on the funding, facilities/resources and personnel that will be made available to support the candidate as they carry out their proposed research and develop their leadership potential.

o   Discuss how the research interests/background of the student and supervisor align with the institution’s priorities (Ensure that claim about uniqueness of the research environment are accurate.)

o   Discuss how the supervisor’s commitment will be available to support the candidate in furthering their professional and leadership development.

o   If known, comment on the research group and/or faculty with whom the candidate will interact and how the Canadian institution will support the development of the candidate's leadership potential. If unknown, please address the reasons behind why the candidate has not selected a supervisor and research environment.

                                             iii.         Rationale of recruiting the candidate:

o   Outline how the institution's research environment will foster the student’s research interest and Leadership skills.

o   Elaborate on the commitment from the department or university as to what kind of benefits they will offer the potential scholar.

                                             iv.         Recruitment and student mobility:

o   Comment on how the institution’s nomination of the candidate promotes the recruitment of new foreign or Canadian candidates to Canadian institutions.

o   If the candidate has completed a previous degree within your institution, provide an explanation as to why it is in the candidate's best interest to stay at the same institution (i.e. research/paid institution (or its affiliate), supervisor or co-supervisor, availability of specialized equipment).


  1. September 29, 2017 – Deadline to submit the online application via Research Net. Late applications will not be considered.



  1. Personal Leadership Statement

This document should present to the committee a clear statement of what challenges and opportunities have shaped your doctoral research.

When crafting your Personal Leadership Statement, consider the following points:

Your academic transcript, your CCV and your reference letters will provide details of your commitments and accomplishments, but this essay gives you the opportunity to present the overarching narrative about your life, leadership accomplishments, and research goals for the selection committee.


  1. Two Leadership Reference Letters (one in past years)
    • The Leadership Reference Letters should ideally be written by references who know you in a non-academic capacity and can speak to how your personal trajectory reflects the Leadership evaluation criterion


If you need further information, please do not hesitate to ask.



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