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I will appreciate your response on TA hour by tomorrow (May 11).  See email below for details. 

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From: <> on behalf of Anjan Neupane <>
Sent: May 7, 2018 2:10 PM
Subject: [Plants-grads] TA hour for departmental recommendation

Hello Fellow Graduate Students,

Recently, concerns have been raised regarding teaching assistant positions in our department in terms of responsibilities and expectations. It has been noted that graduate students for some courses are working a greater number of hours in their TA positions than what is present in their TA position descriptions, and thus are working hours that they are not paid for. 

In order to ensure TAs are compensated fairly and are able to maintain work balance, the PSGSA would like to compile a record of the working load for TAs for various courses. This will allow us to provide a report to the department council with the suggestion to increase work hours or have more TAs for specific courses of concern.

To this end, we ask that grad students who have TAed please respond to this email with the following information for any courses that you have TA`ed in last two years:

Name of Course/Course No.:
No. of students:
Assigned or Expected work hour/week: 
Actual hours per week worked:  
Please break down the approximate number of hours spent on the following duties:
             Preparation for class/lab: 
             Teaching class/lab: 
             Student evaluation and feedback (grading/marking): 
             Meeting with students outside of class time: 
             Other duties: 
Any other recommendations/concerns?: 

Or Fill in the google doc with the same information:

Please note, you are not required to give your name if you are not comfortable doing so. Your responses will remain anonymous. 

I will appreciate your response by end of this week (May 11).

Thank you so much.


Anjan Neupane

President PSGSA 2017/18

PhD Candidate

Wheat Breeding and Genetics

Department of Plant Science

University of Manitoba

Phone No. 204-583-0999