From: Christopher Trott <>
Date: Monday, August 12, 2019 at 10:40 AM
To: Graduate Agriculture <>, Research Agriculture <>, Dean Agriculture <>
Cc: Justin Bouchard <>, Teresa Reilly <>, Andrew Rampton <>, sjc chaplain <>
Subject: Lammastide Festival


Dear Dr. Paliwal:


I am writing to invite graduate students from the Faculty of Agriculture to participate in our Lammastide Festival.


You may well ask, what is Lammastide?  Lammastide is a festival from northern England and Scotland that celebrates the first fruits of the harvest.  It falls roughly half way between the feasts that surround the planting of the crops and the harvest festival in the Fall.  It can occur any time in August and we have chosen Thursday August 22 to celebrate the Festival. [for the Tolkien geeks, he gets the word for the travelling bread of the Elves, lembas bread, from this festival].


At St John’s College we want to celebrate the end of the summer as the students return to campus for their fall studies.  We will have a brief service in the Chapel to bless the first fruits and breads at 11:30, then a bar-b-q and fair on the Daily Bread Patio.  The fair will include troubadours, crafts tables and games.  We thought this would be a good opportunity to show off the “first fruits” of some of the work of graduate students, especially those working in Agriculture.  We were hoping some of your students may be interested in a poster display and/or demonstrations.


I realize that some of the students may not be back yet from their summer activities, but if there are any around we would love them to participate.  If you know of any could you please have them contact me directly and we will make arrangements to show off their work!


Christopher G. Trott, Ph.D.
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Associate Professor, Native Studies Department
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