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Don’t forget to also register for your thesis (Grad 7000 – MSc; Grad 8000 - PhD).







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University of Manitoba Faculty of Graduate Studies

Message sent on behalf of Ms. Andrea Kailer, Programs Coordinator, Faculty of Graduate Studies


To: All Graduate Students

 Cc: Dept./Unit Heads, Grad Chairs & Admin Contacts 


Please read the below information carefully as it contains important information about graduate student registration.


1.     Information for all Master’s and Ph.D. students who are continuing in their programs*:


All graduate students are required to register every academic term which includes Fall, Winter and Summer. Summer 2021 registration opens April 5th. If students do not register by July 16th, 2021, they will be discontinued from their program of study. As Summer 2021 term is approaching, ensure you are registered for the re-registration course:



Course #



Master's Re-registration

GRAD 7020

Summer 2021


Doctoral Re-registration

GRAD 8020

Summer 2021


This re-registration should be over and above any course registration(s) you complete. So long as you are in a re-registration course for each term, you will retain status in your graduate program even if you withdraw from other courses.

*MBA and MPA students: if you need to register for re-registration only, please contact your departmental/unit graduate program assistant.

Exceptions to Summer 202
1 term re-registration:



Students who anticipate graduating in October 2021 must register for their final Thesis/Practicum/Comprehensive Exam/Project or the final course specific to their program in Summer 2021 term. Re-registration in GRAD 7020/GRAD 8020 is still a good idea in case your graduating term is delayed.

All course numbers and CRNs can be found by searching the Class Schedule link at https://aurora.umanitoba.ca/

If you have questions about registration please contact your departmental/unit graduate program assistant.

2.       Compulsory GRAD 7300 Research Integrity Tutorial

Commencing in Fall 2020, all Pre-Master’s, Masters and Ph.D. students were required to register in GRAD 7300 Research Integrity Tutorial and complete the associated modules in UM Learn. This zero (0) credit-hour, pass/fail research integrity tutorial is a highly interactive online tool designed to provide a comprehensive overview and basic understanding of the best practices and principles in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Students will be exposed to practical advice on how to deal with challenging situations that may arise while doing research within their own area of expertise. The course also addresses the latest standards, codes, and policies in the Responsible Conduct of Research both locally and globally. The content of this tutorial is run out of the Vice President (Research & International) Office and more information can be found on their webpage: https://umanitoba.ca/research/integrity/research_integrity.html

Graduate Students who are starting or continuing their graduate program in Summer 2021 must register for GRAD 7300 prior to applying to any ethics boards which are appropriate to the student’s research or within the student’s first year of admission, whichever comes first. Do note that May 2021 graduands are required to complete GRAD 7300 and should already be registered in a prior term and/or have completed GRAD 7300. For new or continuing students who have not yet registered for GRAD 7300:





GRAD 7300

Summer 2021


3.       Compulsory GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial

Academic Integrity is a matter of paramount importance in academia. It is the foundation of scholarly work. Breaches of Academic Integrity, whether intentional or unintentional, have potentially very serious consequences to a student’s status in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and at the University of Manitoba. To help graduate students better understand the issues surrounding Academic Integrity, the Senate of the University of Manitoba passed a motion that requires all graduate students to take a compulsory tutorial on Academic Integrity.

All graduate students must register for and complete GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial one time. This is a zero (0) credit-hour course intended to introduce students to their basic responsibilities regarding academic integrity and to the resources available to them.

Graduate Students who are starting their graduate program in Summer 2021, or who have not yet registered for the course, must register for GRAD 7500:




GRAD 7500

Summer 2021


GRAD 7501 (French version for USB students only)

Summer 2021


Failure to successfully complete this course within the first term of registration will result in suspension of registration privileges, and potentially, a failed grade and Required to Withdraw action.

We strongly suggest you review the course instructions prior to starting the course: https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/graduate_studies/htmlmail/Academic_Integrity_Instructions.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed at: 


·            They have already completed a similar departmental seminar course.

·            Their thesis is in the middle of distribution.

·            They are a Pre-Masters student.

·            A span of time of one (1) or more term(s) separates one graduate degree program from another graduate degree program (for instance, if a student completed GRAD 7500 and GRAD 7300 at the Master’s level, took a break of one (1) or more terms and was admitted to another Master’s or Ph.D. program)

·            They are a Ph.D. student who already completed GRAD 7500 and GRAD 7300 during their Master’s program (without a span of time between programs)

Students must register for these courses in Aurora in order to access them in UM Learn.

Always remember to plan your program carefully. It is imperative that you ensure you are registering for only those courses that are a major part of your Master’s or Ph.D. program. If they are not part of your major program then they should be added through your department/unit office as an Auxiliary course “X”, Audit course “A” or an Occasional course “O”. If you have questions about this, contact your department/unit. Do not register for more courses than your program allows because you may be assessed extra fees at the time of graduation.   

As per SECTION 2: Academic Performance of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Guide:

“Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they meet all degree and program requirements. The advisor (and if appropriate co-advisor), advisory committee, and unit must ensure that each student follows the guidelines and meets the program requirements. The Faculty of Graduate Studies performs a final check of program requirements for each student just prior to graduation. Students are cautioned, therefore, to periodically check all regulations with respect to the degree requirements. Failure to meet all the requirements will render a student ineligible to graduate.”

Thank you for your attention to these important graduate student matters.

Andrea J. Kailer, B. Comm. (Hons).

Confidential Assistant to the Associate Deans & Programs Coordinator

Faculty of Graduate Studies • University of Manitoba
500 University Centre • Winnipeg, Manitoba • R3T 2N2
Tel. 204.474.7298 • Fax 204.474.7553



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