There is some information in the message below that pertains to graduate students.

Please note, that all undergraduate and graduate courses for Winter 2017 will start on January 18.  The mid-term break will be Feb 21-24 as originally scheduled.  if you are a TA or applying for a TA position, please take note of these changes.  The changed dates also affect the start of any graduate courses you may be taking.

The only exceptions to the above dates will be the Soil Science diploma classes (Soil 0420 and Soil 0620).  Those classes will commence on January 4. Please take note if you are a TA or applying to TA in either of those courses.


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The following is sent on behalf of Karin Wittenberg. 


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Subject: After Strike FAQs


The following is sent on behalf of Dr. Janice Ristock, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


The Academic Sub-Committee has prepared an After Strike FAQ for students and instructors. The attached will be posted on the strike info webpage.


Please let your associate deans, department heads and staff know about these new FAQs.


The Marketing and Communications Office (MCO), working with Susan Gottheil, will also be sending information to advisors in faculty/college/school offices as well as to central units with additional FAQs (including info on financial aid, refund appeals, etc.) to ensure that they have up to date information.


Thank you.



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