Hi all,


I got this from Dave Bleakney. Rhonda suggested he might be able to play during one of the lunches. Dave likes that idea, so I’m sending this






David Camfield

Coordinator, Labour Studies Program

Associate Professor of Labour Studies & Sociology


116 Isbister Building

183 Dafoe Road

University of Manitoba



R3T 2N2


phone: 204-474-6160

fax: 204-474-7869


From: Dave Bleakney [mailto:dbleakney@cupw-sttp.org]
Sent: March-27-19 2:26 PM
To: David Camfield
Subject: question


Hi comrade, hope you are well. I will be out your way in 6 weeks or so for the conference. I am wondering if you know of any musical events or open stages that are related I could plug into?


My musical career has been re-invigorated, am in recording studio nearly every weekend I can and have some summer festival dates coming up. Further, some of my songs are now being recorded and performed by a Mexican artist and I have been in the SOCAN studio in Toronto. Wondering if there is anyone I can speak with about plugging into a set or even a few original songs on working class struggle?


If you know of anything/anyone I should be connecting with please advise. Thanks, d


Dave Bleakney

2nd National Vice-President

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

377 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario


K2P 1Y3


613-236-9339 (office)

613-299-3397 (cell)

613-563-7861 (fax)






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