This message is sent on behalf of Mrs. Jane Lastra, Director, Financial Aid and Awards.



Dear Student:


The 2011/12 University of Manitoba General Bursary application form is now available!

Every year, the University of Manitoba offers a wide-range of bursaries to both new and continuing full and part-time students who are enrolled in school from September to April who have a demonstrated financial need and a minimum academic standing. Bursaries - student funding which does not need to be repaid - range in amounts from $100 to $1,000, with over $3 million awarded annually.

Bursary awards are primarily based upon financial need (as opposed to scholarships which are primarily based upon your academics/marks). 

General bursary criteria:

Results are finalized in mid-December of each year and money is applied to tuition fees for successful students. Please check your tuition account in Student Aurora in mid-December to find out if you have been awarded a bursary.

Apply now…..we have moved away from a paper-based bursary application to a fully integrated, ON-LINE application process!


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