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August 10, 2010


2010-2011 Fee Assessment Information


·         If you have not yet registered for Fall 2010- Winter 2011, please remember that you will be required to first either provide or decline your consent for the U of M to share your tuition related financial information with the Manitoba government in support of the tuition tax credit for graduating students. Information and instructions are available on Aurora Student.

·         Fee assessments for 2010-2011 registrations are available on Aurora Student.  The Fall Term Fee Payment Deadline is Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

·         Check the Financial Services website for available payment methods.

·         Tuition Fees have increased for all students. Refer to the Registrar’s Office fee website to determine the costs associated with your course of study.

·         Refer to the Refunds web page for details regarding refunds available depending on when you drop a course or program. Note that courses that do not follow standard term timelines have prorated refund and withdrawal deadlines.

·         The UM does not cancel/de-register students from current term courses due to non-payment of fees. You are financially and academically responsible for all courses in which you are registered after the Revision deadline. Failure to pay for your courses will not result in a de-registration of courses in the current term. Students who fail to pay for courses will be placed on Hold and will be de-registered from courses that begin in Winter Term.  If your plans have changed and you will not be attending, you must withdraw from your courses. Failure to withdraw through normal procedures will result in a grade being assigned to all courses in which you are registered in at the end of term and you will be liable for all associated fees.

·         If you are taking courses at Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface (CUSB) you will be assessed course fees by the CUSB directly for these courses. You will receive a separate invoice from CUSB and must pay these fees directly to CUSB.


UMSU Health & Dental

Deadline to Opt-Out:  Wednesday, September 22, 2010



·         Check your Aurora student fee account to ensure you were assessed the health and dental fees.

·         Fill out the online opt-out from.  In order to opt-out you must have a plan/policy number for alternate extended coverage. (not Provincial Health or International Student Health insurance)

·         Print and hold on to the confirmation email you will receive from the auto generator when you complete your opt-out.  You may be asked to provide this confirmation as proof at a later date.

·         With a successful opt-out , the UMSU Health & Dental fee will be reversed off your tuition after the opt-out deadline and by the end of September.


To opt out visit or click here:


For more information about your Health & Dental plan visit the UMSU website.








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