The University of Manitoba is pleased to announce the establishment of a Copyright Office.


Issues relating to copyright have become increasingly complex and are evolving rapidly.  There have been, and will likely continue to be changes in the law, technology, and practice which impact the University as a major creator and user of copyrighted material.  The University has established this new office to ensure that faculty, staff, and students have the supports they require to be successful in their teaching, research, and studies.


The Copyright Office’s mandate will include four major functions:


•             Providing educational programs and general advice on copyright issues.

•             Providing a centralized service for obtaining clearance for the use of copyrighted materials.

•             Monitoring the University’s compliance with copyright rules, and encouraging appropriate practices.

•             Assisting with the posting of materials to electronic learning systems.


Ms. Juliette Nadeau has been selected as the University’s Copyright Officer and will head the new office.  Juliette can be contacted at 474-8644, or


General inquires, clearance requests, and requests for educational programing may be sent to

Remember, use it fairly – keep it legal.


Deborah J. McCallum

Vice-President (Administration)

Phone: 204-474-9777   FAX: 204-261-1318