Title: U of M Header - Description: Message from Susan M. Gottheil, Vice-Provost (Students)



Recreational cannabis is now legal across the country, and you may have questions about whether you can legally possess and consume it on University property.


The University of Manitoba will be following federal and provincial laws, which means that smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited on campus, including within all residences. Students with a prescription for marijuana will be accommodated through an allowance within the guidelines of the Clean Air policy that permits smoking at least 25 feet or 8 metres from an outside entrance. The growing of cannabis is prohibited on campus, as is its sale.


The cannabis rules for students living in residence will be consistent with legalization laws and the University policy but will provide more specific rules and sanctions.


The University will address inappropriate behaviour that causes risk or harm to people or property as a result of substance use through its normal student disciplinary procedures.


Learn more about the University’s approach to cannabis legalization, and some of the supports available, by reading the UM Today story here.






Susan Gottheil

Vice-Provost (Students)