IST has been working to resolve a hardware failure throughout the weekend.  Late Saturday, and continuing on the Angel Course Learning management system has been off line.  We do not expect at this time that any data has been lost.  IST system administrators have been working with our vendor throughout the weekend to restore our service.

At this time we have new hardware parts being flown into Winnipeg. It is our expectation that these  parts will be installed by noon Sunday Oct 12th.  All attempts at this time are directed at restoring Angel service as quickly as possible.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience that these problems have caused and continue to work as quickly as possible.  

Brian Goodman
Help & Solutions Centre Manager
Client Services
Information Services & Technology
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB Canada R3T 2N2

138 Machray Hall 
phone: 204 474 9762