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U of M Registrar's Office

You are receiving this email because you are currently registered for Fall 2014 courses at the University of Manitoba. If you will not attend the U of M this term, you must withdraw from your courses before September 17*.

*Most students will use Aurora to withdraw from courses. If you have any difficulty, please contact your faculty/advising office: Undergraduate, Graduate. Graduate Studies students who are unable to continue studies this term must contact their department regarding a Leave of Absence. Registration revision deadline may differ for irregularly dated courses and Faculty of Law.

To all U of M students,

The Fall Term 2014 Registration Revision Period ends September 17, 2014.**

The Registration Revision Period can be used to attend classes, test out your classroom experience and determine if you will remain registered in the courses you have selected or if changes should be made. Don’t forget to review your fee assessment after making any changes!

During the Registration Revision Period, you may:

  • Add a new class if you changed your mind about your course subjects, or if a course that was previously full is now available
  • Drop a class and receive a tuition refund
  • Switch a lecture or lab to a more preferred day/time

September 17, 2014** is the last day to make changes to your Fall 2014 or Fall 2014/Winter 2015 spanned course registration. Check your fee assessment after making changes to your registration; any fees resulting from changes are due September 17.

**Registration revision deadline may differ for irregularly dated courses and Faculty of Law.

Late Fee Payment:

  • Students with outstanding fees after the September 10 fee payment deadline have already been assessed late fees.
  • Students should review their fee assessment after any registration changes made during the Revision Period.
  • A further $40 late fee will be applied to accounts outstanding after September 17 and students will be placed on Hold. Students on Hold will need faculty/school advising office assistance to withdraw from courses.
  • All students with unpaid accounts will receive reminder notices by email, mail and phone; all unpaid accounts will eventually be referred to a collections agency.


  • Students who do not withdraw from their fall term and fall/winter term spanned courses by September 17** will be required to pay the full tuition and fees for all courses in which they are registered even if they do not attend classes.
  • Once the Revision Period is over, students are no longer able to add new classes, or to switch the day/time for lectures and labs – you may still Voluntarily Withdraw from a class, but will not receive a tuition refund.
  • Be cautious of adding a new course too late in the Registration Revision Period – you may have missed a number of classes, and have assignments due right away.  If you don’t get space in a course within the first few days of the Revision period, late registration may not be a good idea.

Resources:  Academic Schedule, Late Registration, Withdrawal from Classes, Changing/Dropping Courses, Fee Payment, Non-Payment, Late Fees, Sponsorship Information, Financial Aid & Awards

Did you know…?
The last day to opt-out of the UMSU Health & Dental Plan is September 18

  • Most students are automatically assessed fees for the UMSU Health & Dental Plan.
  • Change-of-Coverage Period: August 20 to September 18.

UMSU Resources:  General Provisions (UMSU), Health & Dental Fees (UMSU)

Other resources ( Plan at a Glance, Change-of-Coverage Period, Opt Outs, Self-Enrolment, Family Enrolment

Registrar’s Office
Phone: 204-474-9420
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