If you haven't already registered for this Thursday's webinar but are interested in attending, we still have seats available for the viewing in the EcoCentre boardroom. If you would like to join us, please let me know at beth@greenactioncentre.ca.

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Webinar:  The Future of Transit in Canada
Date:  Thursday, Feb. 3, 11 to 12:30 p.m. CST
Location:  EcoCentre boardroom, 303 Portage Ave, third floor (enter via elevator inside front doors of MEC)

Session description:

How will we get around in our cities in the future? What transit options fit the size and form of my community today? How do I improve service to increase active and mobile transit tomorrow?

This webinar will begin with CUTA’s Transit Vision 2040, which explores changes likely to take place in Canadian communities over the next generation. These changes and strategic directions can optimize public transit's contribution to our quality of life. Let’s prepare for these changes by sharing knowledge and best practices.

The City of Hamilton’s revitalized B Line Bus rapid transit line combines hybrid bus technology, service improvements and social marketing to increase ridership and improve service. Learn why these steps fit Hamilton’s local context and their experiences since initial implementation in 2007.

The webinar will also profile several initiatives in Metro Vancouver, supported by TransLink and FCM's Green Municipal Fund. These innovative sustainable transit initiatives point the way toward this vision for 2040, including: 


Beth McKechnie | Workplace Commuter Options

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