City Hall Roundup

Staff to walk through options

A motion to have staff consider options for re-opening Portage and Main to pedestrians sailed through council without debate Wednesday.

Coun. Jenny Gerbasi, who moved the motion, said she wasn't expecting any debate because all staff are being asked is to consider options to facilitate the movement of pedestrians through the intersection in 2017.

Gerbasi said the agreement with the city that closed the intersection to pedestrians expires in 2017, adding the city should be ready if council wants to take that action.

Mayor Sam Katz wasn't taking any position on the issue, adding it will be up to the council of the day to decide what to do with the intersection.

Katz said he doesn't expect city staff to spend a lot of time on the subject, adding a competition on how best to open the intersection was held among planners when Glen Murray was mayor, adding those ideas are still on file.

"The ideas are already there. You don't have to spend any more (money) on ideas, they exist," Katz told reporters following council. "You can dust them off and put them in place -- if that's the will of council."

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition September 26, 2013 0