Hi all! Looking for a job?! We can help!
             (sort of...)
     The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, in conjunction with Hillel/JSA, is trying to hold focus group meetings with students from Red River, U of M and U of W. The purpose of these would be to establish the needs and wants of the group and would lay the ground work for an employment networking event to be held in May. The goal of this would be to set up summer employment, internship opportunities and possibly full time employment.
      If you are interested in participating, please contact Cliff Huot (Placement Consultant for the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg) to arrange a possible meeting time at:
Ph: (204) 480-7559
 See you at the Empire, Reel Israel or any other of our many events!!!!!
Leandro Zylberman & Gadi Glogowski