As the latest reports demonstrate inescapable pre-planning for the attacks on the Rohingyas last year (and still ongoing almost a year later!), it seems clear that a more focused and determined response from the IC, including Govt of Canada, is needed. 

The authors of the letter (myself amongst them) are seeking a wide range and array of organisations and individuals to sign-on - hopefully with strong HR participation and cross-Canada geographic representation.

Responses to sign-on should be addressed to Mr Fareed Khan at the email address indicated below.  We hope to get this submitted in early August, hold a Press Conference and rally support for cross-Canada demonstrations on 25 August - the one-year anniversary of the last year's spate of egregious attacks.

Thanks in advance!

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From: Fareed W. Khan <>
Sent: July 22, 2018 4:23 PM
Subject: Re: Open Letter - Revised Draft


Attached is the final draft.