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Just giving you all a heads-up about the assignment described below J 


There are approx. 180 students in this class.



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Hi all,


Lately I have been seeing students needing assignment assistance in BIOL 1340 – The State of the Earth’s Environment.  Attached is a handout that each student in that class can download from their D2L that I put together to get them started on their searching.   This assignment is due on April 10 but I will be away from March 19-27, returning on March 30 so there may be a few students who would be coming in during this time.


The assignment guidelines are the following:

                Students are asked to write a short synopsis (5-8 pages) of the current literature (from scientific Journals and other established sources) about one of the following topics.

·         Global warming: the action taken

·         International action on the ozone: what steps are being taken and what results are being observed

·         Water shortages in different areas of the world. Political and social consequences

·         The earth’s human carrying capacity: what is a viable number?

·         Population programs in developing nations.  Success and failures

·         Genetically modified foods: possible impacts on humans or ecosystems


Students need to restrict their searches to the following:

·         Publication range from 2010-2015

·         Minimum of 5 primary, peer-reviewed sources


Students can use any reference style of their choice, I would recommend APA.


Hopefully this helps when answering these reference questions at the Services Desk.