Hello everyone,


We are pleased to announce the birth of Orvie Dingwall’s daughter Lily Dingwall.  She was born (May 10) and both mother and daughter are fine.


While Orvie is on maternity leave (until May 30, 2014), Carol Cooke of the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library has been appointed as Acting MHIKNET Librarian. 


I can be reached at carol.cooke@umanitoba.ca or by telephone at 204-977-5660 or by cellphone at 204-290-6710. It will be my pleasure to serve you during Orvie’s absence.






Carol A. Cooke

Acting MHIKNET Librarian

Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library
University of Manitoba

p. 204-977-5660

c. 204-290-6710

w. http://mhiknet.lib.umanitoba.ca/