There are two changes in how we are able to deliver journal articles to you. 


These result from the University of Manitoba adopting the Fair Dealing Guidelines (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 2011, available at


Please note that these changes should NOT affect your access to library resources.  If you do notice a difference, or have any feedback resulting from these changes, please let us know.


1.       Email agreement after requesting an article

Each time you request articles by email, we will respond with the statement below, and will require you to respond stating you agree

We do recognize that this adds another level to the process to request articles, but unfortunately is a necessary step to comply with licensing agreements and copyright legislation.


“Thank you for your request. In order for the UML to obtain the items you requested we need an acknowledgement from you that you have read and understood the following statement;


The University of Manitoba has adopted the Fair Dealing Guidelines (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 2011) available at, which pertain to making copies of original materials.

This (these) copies will be used solely for research, private study, review, criticism or news reporting.


By responding to this email with the statement “I agree” you confirm acceptance of the conditions as outlined above.


Once we have received your response we will complete your request.  Any questions may be directed to the Document Delivery Department at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library 204-789-3345.”


2.      No photocopying from the print collection

Previously if you requested a journal article that we only had in our print collection, we could scan a copy of the article and email it to you.  Or we could photocopy and mail or fax the article.


We are no longer able to make copies of these articles/chapters for you, though we do have several options of providing this content to you:

·         We will purchase the article through a company that charges us for the cost of the article, and also for the cost of the copyright to loan the article (this is similar to loaning from other libraries and is within our budget). 

·         Mail the print copy to you, complete with return postage. 

·         Locate a similar resource that we can loan you. 

To determine the best option, our Library Assistant Connie will contact you to see which option best meets your needs.


Please let me know if you have any questions,




Mrs. Orvie Dingwall, BA, MLIS, AHIP

Outreach Services Librarian

MHIKNET Library Services

Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library

University of Manitoba


phone: 204.977.5660