From: Doug Cattani <>
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2023 1:24 PM
To: Alina Skorobohatova <>
Subject: FW: Chemical Clean-Up


Please forward to all techs. Deadline is tomorrow.


D.J. Cattani, PhD.


From: Nicola Harris <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 2:48 PM
Subject: Chemical Clean-Up


We are inviting you to close-out the summer term with a review of the chemicals stored in your labs, workshops, or storage rooms and the opportunity to turn in your expired or damaged chemicals for disposal. High-hazard chemicals that have expired or are unstable can be costly and complicated to dispose of and the University of Manitoba is providing an option for quick and safe disposal.


We have a planned pick up for next week, please notify EHSO by Friday, August 18 if you have high-hazard chemicals that require immediate disposal. If you miss the deadline for this pick-up, we will look into planning additional events in the future.  


What to look for

Look through the chemicals in your research space to see if you have any high-hazard chemicals such as:

Check on the condition of the chemical and the container it is kept in. If it is discoloured, showing signs of crystallization, or expired then it’s time to dispose of them. Important: if you find unstable chemicals in your lab, don’t touch them and call 204-474-6633 EHSO for instructions. Be prepared to provide an SDS and information on condition and location.



Nicki Harris, M.Sc., EPt

Environmental Compliance & Chemical Safety Program Manager

Environmental Health & Safety Office

Phone: 204-474-6438 | 204-296-8100