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Hi All,


I hope you had a restful winter break! A year ago the SSGSA put in an application titled “General Linear Models and R Workshop” to the 2020 FAFS Endowment Fund. The purpose of this e-mail is to invite you to said workshop hosted by the department of soil science graduate student association and Dr. David Schneider from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Many of the statistical analyses in the natural sciences are special cases of the general linear model (GLM). Several of the analyses undertaken by graduate students do not have a name but can be done in the framework of the GLM. The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to a GLM and extensions of the GLM analysis, which frees you from “name that test” thinking. For this workshop we will utilize R; a free, open-source statistical and graphical package.


If you have any interest in learning how to model the stats for your thesis, I welcome you to fill out the attached PDF form, then e-mail the form and your availability to me at Details about the workshop are included on the second page of the PDF. Information about Dr. Schneider is also attached. The deadline for the survey is March 2nd, 2021.


Are you unfamiliar with R? No problem, we have that covered too! Taurai Matengu and I will be hosting an “introduction to R and know-how” on Tuesday, March 16th, a few days before the actual workshop. Be sure to mention your participation to the R pre-session in your e-mail.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!




Victor Valdez



Ph.D. Student, Applied Soil Ecology/Soil Science


President, University of Manitoba Soil Science Graduate Students’ Association

Department of Soil Science
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