Please see the following information from the Faculty of Graduate Studies:


It is again time to consider the nominal roll of graduate students in your department/unit (for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012) and to complete Progress Report1 (PR) forms. Please note that it is the responsibility of the advisor, not the student, to ensure that student progress is reviewed.

The 2011-2012 Progress Report is available at:

Ph.D. Students:

Ph.D. students are required to meet with their entire Advisory Committee to review progress. The Advisor, the members of the Advisory Committee, and the student must all sign the PR form. Signatures on the PR indicate that all parties are aware of the results of the student’s progress.

Master’s Students (Thesis/Practicum Routes):

Master’s students in the thesis or practicum routes are required to meet with their thesis Advisor/ Advisory Committee to review progress (depending on where the student is in the program). For those Master’s students who have not yet been assigned an Advisor or Advisory Committee, it is the responsibility of the Department Head or designate (i.e., Graduate Chair) to report on the progress of the student and to make sure that the student is apprised of the results of the PR. Signatures on the PR indicate that all parties are aware of the results of the student’s progress.


At minimum, the following items should be examined at the time of the progress review:

Is the cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher?

Are all grades a ‘C+’ or greater?

Are there any missing or “IP” (in progress) grades?

Are there any ‘CO’ grades that will require tracking?

Is the student on track time-wise and/or are they running out of time?

Is the student meeting the program requirements?



1. PRs are not required for students who are graduating in May or October 2012, who are currently on an FGS-approved Leave of Absence for both Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 terms, or who are Pre-Masters (PM), Visiting (VS) or Occasional (OS) students. It is important to note that if a student does not graduate as scheduled in 2012 and must re-register in September 2012, he/she will not be allowed to re-register until a progress report is submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


3. Failure to submit a complete PR form by 15 June 2012 may result in late registration (and applicable late registration fees) and/or award/funding interruptions.


4. To ensure that PR forms are photocopied onto YELLOW paper. “



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