From: Christine Rawluk
Sent: August-21-14 12:24 PM
To: Martha Blouw
Subject: NRI graduate student course offering "Sustainable Livelihoods, Food Resources and Community Food Security"


Please consider posting this course notice from the Natural Resources Institute in your department in case there is interest among graduate students.




Graduate Course:

CRN: 16299

NRI7370: Sustainable Livelihoods, Food Resources and Community Food Security

Class Times:

Fall, Thursday 9:30 to 12:30, starts Sept. 4th, 2014


NRI Seminar Room, Room 320


Dr. Shirley Thompson

The course will consider solutions by asking the following questions:  

·    How can communities and people become more food secure?

·    Is the food system sustainable?

·    If food is plentiful and cheap, why do people lack nourishing food?

·    What are best practices in sustainable food production and processing?

·    When can rural communities and agricultural land be preserved?

·    What can we learn from Indigenous permanent culture or permaculture?

·    Why is fat and sugar-laden readily available?

·    Can we build community around the basic necessity of healthy food?

Workshops and tours with farms, processing facilities and community food centres will be part of this class that balances theory with hands-on experience.



Christine Rawluk

Research Development Coordinator

National Centre for Livestock and the Environment

University of Manitoba