UPDATED AUGUST 4, 2021Latest COVID-19 updates

·        On August 3, the province announced changes to the public health orders that focus on public health recommendations and guidance, rather than restrictions, as the province prepares for a shift from pandemic to endemic COVID-19. As of Aug. 7, many provincial restrictions will be lifted, and orders will only restrict the most high-risk transmission environments. This includes lifting most vaccination and masking requirements, as well as lifting the recommendation to maintain remote work where possible.

The health and safety of our campus community is our top priority, and University of Manitoba remains committed to our plans for a phased, measured return to in-person activity.

UM community members should continue to follow UM’s current masking and social distancing protocols when on campus. As a reminder, the wearing of 3-ply reusable or disposable masks is mandatory for all activities on all UM campuses. This applies when indoors at all times on UM campuses even when physical distancing is possible. A 3-ply mask is also required when outdoors on UM campuses or while participating in UM-sanctioned activities off-campus at any time when two metres distancing is not possible.



Bev Godard

Secretary to the Department Head

Department of Plant Science

University of Manitoba