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From: Will Bailey-Elkin <>
Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2022 11:42 AM
To: Martin Entz <>
Cc: Eric Payseur <>
Subject: COG Position


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Hi Martin,


I just had a lovely conversation with Eric Payseur, the Organic Transition Manager with COG, about a position with COG as a Program Coordinator for their Regenerative Organic Oat Program. It appears that they are having difficulty finding someone to fill the role, and the growing season is quickly approaching.


I couldn’t help but think that there may be some students at the U of M that might be interested in this part-time position. Would you consider distributing the position summary to anyone you think might be interested?


All the best,


Will Bailey-Elkin, M.Sc.
Project Manager, Lake Winnipeg Basin Project
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