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Subject: Research position in agrl and climate change
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 08:26:54 -0600
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Hi Bev,

Please forward this to all graduate students in plant science.



Hi everyone,

Thought some of you may be interested on this project.

Researcher -Climate change and agricultural systems
Wageningen University and Research Center, Netherlands

Job description
In September of last year the so-called Delta Committee issued a report and advice to the Dutch government on how to make The Netherlands climate-proof for the century to come. Dutch agriculture is one of the sectors significantly affected by climate change; efficient and effective adaptation strategies are needed. Effects of higher temperatures and different rainfall and rainfall patterns in a changing international economy and markets affect sectors, individual farms and fields. Hence, adaptation strategies should be multi-scale with a good mix of measures at regional, farm and field level. Such strategies must be facilitated by efficient policies, promoting the use of effective adaptation strategies for the agricultural sectors while avoiding negative influences on other types of land use.
This vacancy offers an opportunity to play a key role in a research project that will use a multi-scale and quantitative approach for assessing adaptation strategies for Dutch agriculture at field, farm and regional level, considering climate change and other European and international developments.
You will develop and use bio-economic models, a farm typology and a biophysical simulation model. These models will be used to assess alternative adaptation strategies in the context of market developments, policy changes and technological innovations. Economic and environmental effects will be investigated for regions, farm types and fields. Risk and uncertainties about weather, price, policy and market changes will be included in the assessment. Compatibility and acceptability of alternative policies to promote adaptation will be investigated using a pre- and post-modelling approach. Participation of stakeholders is possible through collaboration with a project running in parallel to the model-based project. You will perform your own research, but will also supervise and integrate research of others in the project.

RequirementsRequired education/skills: The candidate has completed a PhD in a relevant domain and subject (e.g. Plant Sciences, Agronomy, Environmental Science, Biology, Resource Ecology), with affinity for social sciences including economy. He/she has proven capabilities in systems analysis, simulation modeling and other quantitative methods, in computer programming languages, is fluent in English and has good writing skills. Thorough knowledge of Dutch or Western European agriculture is an asset. The candidate is able to communicate well with fellow researchers in similar and other relevant disciplines, and is willing to take initiative and fulfill an integrating role.
Job type: Research / Advising
Workfield(s) :
- Research trainees, non-tenured lecturers, researchers( Scientific discipline: Agriculture)

OrganizationWageningen University and Research centre

Conditions of employmentEmployment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: 18 months.
Maximum hours per week: 38
Additional conditions of employment:
We offer a Post-doc position at Wageningen University for a period of 18 months.

Gross salary min. € 3190 (scale 11) and depending on experience.

Additional InformationAdditional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:

Dr. Matin van Ittersum
Telephone number: 31 317 482382
E-mail address: martin.vanittersum@ wur.nl

ApplicationYou can apply for this job before 20-02-2009 (dd-mm-yyyy) by sending your application to:

Wageninge University, Plant Production Systems group
Personnel & Organisation
L. Bikker
P.O. Box 16
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands
E-mail: vacaturemeldingen. psg@wur.nl


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